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oriaMay 27, 2008

Here's the problem; 2nd floor apt., AC's on my roof individual ac per unit except all over my apt. When all are running notice unsettling vibrational sound throughout our 900 sq. ft. space. Owner refuses to repair too expensive they say and will allow us the option to relocate to a 1st floor apt with higher rent leaving us as well incurring the moving charges or We can stay put until lease is over in 7 months with apt as is. Our concerns do ac emit Electro-magnetic frequencies that are known to cause health issues. The sound is so unsettling one can still hear it in the head after ac unit turns off and this is what is alarming. Any suggestions are appreciated...

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Ask if the Dept. of Health (or whatever it's called where you live) has anything to say about it - whether it's a known issue and whether you'd have any case for someone convincing the landlord that he had to fix the problem, and not at your expense. Can you record the noise when it's happening (and not at an extra high volume though) and play it for someone objective?

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They sell rubber softeners that absorb vibration just like the ones' used on washers and dryers.
See if they can be installed under the legs of the units above.

Maybe it will help.

All the best,

The PorchGuy

Here is a link that might be useful: My Album

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I think your best bet is to get out of a building that the owner cares so little about the tenants.

Yeah, some people complain about BS issues, but you have a serious issue with the volume of those units.

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Get off your computer, stop using your cell phone, a microwave, watch out for the evil fridge and dont watch TV or walk down the street. EMFs happen unless you live in an Amish Community with no electricity.

You only notice the vibration when every AC on the roof is on at the same time. Dont move to the 1st floor, my guess is you would be one of those people who complain if the upstairs neighbor flushes the toilet in the middle of the night.

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