Opinions for Exhibit Please

harebelleFebruary 8, 2010

I've done something stupid! While discussing wall colours with the promoter of next month's show, I had a notion that 'leaf green' would be lovely, although I had always had deep green walls. Now, leaf isn't a bad colour by any stretch. It's just that my table coverings and various tabletop cases were made for the dark green walls and will look like hell against a leaf wall. What can I put with 'leaf' that contains no yellow (therefore, no creams or orangey reds) and is a fairly strong contrast but not hideous? Blue-based deep red? Eggplant? Chocolate? Other?

Please see http://www.stacyexposervice.com/pagecolors.html for an idea of what 'leaf' looks like. Scroll down to the swatch, 'leaf' is #70. No, basic black doesn't work, I tried. Help. Please.

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Aubergine, umber, cobalt blue, black and white....but not all at once! LOL!

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I was going to suggest khaki till I saw your sample. That's an olivey looking green on my monitor. Agree aubergine or an eggplant would be a nice contrast color.

I did some quick doodles with your sample.
I can add more if there's something you'd like to see.
(Hopefully it renders OK on your monitor)

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I have Italiano Rose in my space at the antique mall, and it looks great w/greens, blues as well as many other colors. ;o)

Here is a link that might be useful: Behr paint

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moonshadow, that was a great idea! It helped me to decide the best course.

Here's what I plan to do:

I'm taking thin tape-about a half cm width or less, and laying it on in widely-spaced vertical stripes. I think that the deep burgundy would look good, with table covers to match. I will take pictures after the exhibit is completed.
Thanks for the ideas, everybody!

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Glad it helped you out, harebell. ;)
Sounds like it's going to be a really pretty space, would enjoy seeing pics of it!

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Here you go, a month after the show.

I had bought several bobbins of the deep magenta ribbon, picked based on the sample you made, moonshadow. However, when I got to my exhibit space, it just didn't look good. Had I bought a few other colours and given some thought to the lighting I'd have made a better choice. Here's what my exhibit ended up looking like with leaf walls, no striping, and none of the linens used at former shows. It wasn't quite as dark as it looks, I believe I took those pix with my mobile phone instead of the camera.

Here is a link that might be useful: Leaf Green Walls

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It's lovely!....except for all those distracting white tags...:)

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:') We're required to tag items, with identification and price at the very least. I don't use sticky tags on antiques (NEVER) and string tags look cheesy, so use the cards instead. I probably ought to have seen if the card stock came in leaf to match the walls-wouldn't that have been neat! Hmmm, thinking on this for the next show...thanks for inspiring me! Would they still be legible in leaf I wonder...time to experiment...

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I was thinking maybe in a stock to match the walls and hung tastefully from an aubergine gros-grain ribbon.

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What a pretty idea! Wanna come with? Naturally artistic people make far better set designers than me.

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I would never call that "leaf" green! To me leaf green is a much brighter colour with no grey in it. _That_ colour I would describe more as a sage green.

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