ideas for hiding washer dryer sink etc

andrelaplume2February 3, 2009

Sadly my washer, dryer, slop sink, water heater and water softener are all side by side over a 12 foot span. Their position is along a backwall of my L shaped basement in the area that opens to a 12 X 20 section of the basement. Picture walking past the washer / dryer to get to this space. There is about a 4 foot opening to get through. There is not enough space to make a separate room. I trying to figure out how I might best hide these appliances while still having easy access to the washer dryer. I thought of sliders or bifolds but none of the standard sizes really line up with anything. An 8 foot bifold might cover the w/d and sink but when open will only leave two feet to get thru to the other room...and my guess is it will be left open...based on how much wash we do. I was thinking of vertical blinds but was unsure how that would look...though they would be easy to open /close and allow great access.

Anyone have a similar situation...what did you

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How deep of a space are you willing to allow behind any divider? 30" will easily permit access to the water heater. Can anything be fixed or do you want to open the space entirely. You don't need to access the softner or water heater as often as the laundry.

Consider by-pass doors. Four, 36" doors would fully cover the opening. Dependant on the arrangement of the appliances, the open doors (you could even have each door on a separate track and have 9' open at once) could rest in front of the ones not being accessed.

Doors would give a more finished appearance than verticals IMO.

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Candace Olson did a basement where she camouflaged a work bench area with vertical blinds. You may be able to find information on that episode on the HGTV website. I am not a fan of vertical blinds but I thought it was very successful.

Ikea also makes a panel track on which suspended flat panels of fabric can slide back and forth. The durability of this would depend both on the fabric and the user. I used these in a client's bedroom and I think she messed up one of the panels immediately by grabbing it instead of using the wand to push them open anc closed. However, that particular panel was a sheer one,,,the others held up pretty well.

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Yeah the depth is an issue. Its almost 3' deep in the w/d area. It drops back a little by the wh and ws. Then to the left of those I have 7 feet of wall space. I had thought to make that a closet and cover the whole span (20 feet or so) with sliding doors...just afraid it will not look right. Is hard to divide the area since everything is sort of on top each other.

Is a bypass door a slider? Is that a tripple track? I thought of having a long track and essentialy two 6' sliders (made up of 2 36" doors each. It would be nice though to have access to the w/d and sink all at once.

I thought it might just get to be too many doors. Perhaps a combo of sliders by the ws/wh and verticals over the sink/w/d. I actually have a bunch of cheapie vertical in my sunroom...I should likely bring a set down and see what it would look like.

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The episode where Candace Olson used the vertical blinds was called Patricia's Family Hobby Room

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What about an accordion door? I put one between my laundry room and work shop, about a six foot opening. Works great.

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thought of that but it gets pricey even for a cheapie one.

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