Builder suggested not putting AC in basement - your thoughts?

jengeorgesonFebruary 25, 2010

Our builder suggested saving the cost of putting AC in the basement since people rarely use it anyway. I've never had a basement and am wondering if this is true that you don't really use it down there. I would appreciate any opinions on this. Thanks!

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Where do you live, will the basement be heated?

If there are heat vents in a forced air system, then you have air conditioning vents too. If your climate is one with humid summers then have return inlets in the basement to circulate the air and remove humidity. You may still need a dehumidifier.

After you move in, come back and discuss finishing the basement with us. Once you do that, you will use it.

Good luck with the build.

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I don't have AC in the basement and my basement gets cold when it's running. Of course the basement is below ground so it is naturally insulated. Also, cold air sinks, so it seems to work its way down there. I have forced air heat / AC and live in the Mid-Atlantic area.

The bigger problem is getting enough AC to the upstairs.

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Ok - I'll give a counter story. I have a daylight basement in NC and it gets about 84 in the summer. Lots of windows contribute to the heat gain. It isn't unbearable since it is dehumidified.

This is insulated but unfinished space. I have sealed it up a lot since then but I expect it will need a bit of a/c. But a non-daylight basement should be fine or one a bit north of here...

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Our ac guy had the same suggestion but we installed a register in each room (3) anyway. It was getting very cold down there since it was on the same zone as the first floor so we now keep those registers closed. Still, the return probably helps to keep the humidity down. This is in the Northern VA/DC area. (Unit is in the basement, below grade.)

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I'm outside of Atlanta. I have forced air. I installed a damper system for the basement to share with the first floor. AC isn't on very often down there but it has called for a lot of heat this year.

I personally feel basements should be on equal footing with the rest of the house. Even if *you* never use it, any potential buyer might wonder "where else did they cut corners?"

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