Water coming thru buried utility pipes

TommytelephonesFebruary 17, 2013

I have a pole building 50' from my house and it sits a little higher...probably 10' or so than the house. We buried 2 PVC conduits for phone and power back when it was built. Because the house sits lower, any water that penetrates the pipes flows right into the basement like an aquaduct. My original plan was to dig outside the foundation where it enters the house, pull back the power feed to that point, 90 up a few feet and LB back into the basement...which would be the highest point now from end to end. After checking behind the finished drywall in the basement I realized that the penetration goes into the back of a pullbox / splice junction and is spliced to the rest of the feed that goes to the main panel. So if I disconnect that splice I wouldn't have enough wire to 90 up and back in to resplice. Is there an expanding foam or anything similar made for blocking water or is it looking like I need to replace the section of wire from pole barn to house entrance in order to gain the extra few feet ? The run from the pole barn to the house is like 125-150'......could get expensive!!

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Foam duct/conduit sealers capable of holding more than 20 feet of water head pressure are available from electrical wholesalers.

Such sealants probably should have been used in the initial installation.

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