Wolf AG or GE Cafe

paulskorJanuary 10, 2012

Hi all. What a wonderful resource this is! I am deciding between a 30" wolf ag range and the ge cafe df. I cannot find any direct comparisons, and am frankly not that knowledgable. I am an amateur cook, but love e look and feel of the wolf. The cafe line also seems nice, and that value question that nobody can truly help with is what I am seeking, the upfront costs of the wolf I have come to terms with, but it seems like repair costs and reliability are major issues. Is there a marked difference between wolf and ge in terms of reliability/repair costs? I absolutely love the simplicity of the ag, and feel like there is less to go wrong..maybe not. The only other concern I have is that whereas I don't bake much, my wife does. We're young and have only lived with lesser quality stoves, and things turn out great when she bakes. Would we notice a big difference in baking quality between the two? Thanks so much everyone,

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What type of cooking do you do? Do you see yourself doing stir frys or woking in the near future?

If so, check out the posts on the Blue Star Range, and the Capitol Cullinarian, They both are "Serious cooking Machines"


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No I don't anticipate that need. I am a pretty basic cook, but do a lot of roasts, some delicate sauces, etc. I have narrowed it down to the two aforementioned products. Thank you though.

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The two ranges you have narrowed it down to are simply not in the same league. The Wolf is around $2500 more, twice the price, IOW. It will have much higher quality, well, everything -- from the burners to the oven, racks, grates, etc. So what does this mean in practical terms? On the stovetop, not too much: both will get the water boiling fine. The oven on the Wolf I would expect to bake more evenly with less of a tendency to "hot spot," though it may take a little longer to get up to temperature than the GE Dual. The infrared broiler on the Wolf will probably perform better than the electric broil element on the GE.

There are better ranges available than either of your selections, but of the two, if you can swing the ticket price, get the Wolf.

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Omg, wolf all the way. Your question is almost like asking "mercedes or chevy"? Lol :). I can not point you to any direct comparisons, but even if the wolf was less reliable it will still probably last longer as I truely believe that with the simplicity of an all gas professional range you could keep them going for 50 years or more. Wolf is probably also the most reliable of the professional ranges, although I do not believe that any of them are as good as they should be in that department given the cost etc. Plus as with the mercedes vs chevy comparison, you will get so much more "driving" pleasure from the wolf.

As others have mentioned the AG will also give you an infrared broiler which I think hands down beats a traditional electric broiler, but on the flip side some people swear by electric ovens. But if an electric oven is important then I would say go for a DF wolf. I personally would get that ge out of your mind! :).

I'd also look at Bluestar and Capital Culinarian. I won't say they are "better" than a wolf, cause I am unable to tell you what is best for you, but they offer a lot more power and probably as mentioned earlier more "driving" satisfaction. I had a viking which is probably the closest competitor to wolf before my bluestar and although it was much more satisfying than a more pedestrian range it really doesn't compare to the satisfaction I get from cooking on my Bluestar.

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We have seen complaints about the eveness of the heat in some of the GE ovens, and except for one case, not much support from GE. Do a search for Rhome GE and you should turn up her posts about the GE ovens. She replaced them with Wolf and is very happy with same.

Altough, I could afford several Wolf Ranges, To me they are over priced, as are more "High End Appliances"--some brand new cars are less, (LOL) but you may see things differently than I do.

To be fair, Wolf does have good service/support and if somebody complains here in GW about there Wolf, Wolf posts an offer to help them, here in GW, They are kinda like a
Giant Trevor (Euro Stoves) who often helps out folks here.

So of the two, I guess you "Byte The Bullet" Fork out the cash, and get the Wolf!



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I guess the question for Wolf customer service would be... does the oven use an electronic temperature management system to maintain consistent temperatures in their gas ovens like they do in their electric ovens. There's a pretty good chance the Cafe does, in fact I'm almost certain it does. I've never received any complaints about the Wolf AG not keeping or maintaining consistent temperatures in that oven like I have in comparable Viking Gas Ovens, so my guess is that they do. The Wolf Does come with a 5 year parts warranty versus 1 year on the Cafe but for the price difference you could probably afford to spring for a 5 year protection plan on the Cafe [$200-$300]. Putting all that aside... if you can truly afford to buy the Wolf you should buy the Wolf. If you are using the last of your savings to buy the Wolf and you are living paycheck to paycheck... save your money and purchase the Cafe. Hope this helps.

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Thank you all. We have decided on the Wolf. You only live once, and this is what i really would like to own. The relative value question has been answered!

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lol Congratulations!

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You'll love it!

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That was easy!!! Lol

You made the right choice. You will LOVE your wolf AG. They are nice tools. Hopefully you will still be getting the old style burner on your AG.

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Did they recently change the burners on the AG with a new production run? Are they now sealed?

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