Should Old Farm, Farm Table Be Finished?

candlerFebruary 25, 2012

It's a 3' by almost 8" table. It's from within the family from 1870-1890. It is hand made and not ornate by any means.

It has three boards of various widths running the length. The seams show gaps from shrinking over the years. Two of the board have cracks mostly in the area of old screw holes. In its later years a relative kept it in his workshop area. Now, the top has paint spills, saw cuts, and the like.

I heard an an antique dealer offered around $800 maybe 30 years ago. He lived in a old rustic house and might have wanted it personally.

None of my kids have room for it. I'm going to sell it. I don't mind spending a few hundred dollars to have it redone. But, would I be throwing good money after bad? Thanks, Gene

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No!! Don't mess with it....perhaps the next owner will like it just like it is.

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Another 'don't touch it'. I have one in about the same condition & if it was refinished, it would still look like an abused table hiding beneath a new finish.

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I'll third that thought.

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Me fourth. :) Those tables are all the rage in Pottery Barn right now so you might snag a good price, paint spills & all. I'd love to have the real deal over the new stuff!

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We bought one the same you decribed,I love it beat up wouldnt change it..I did hand wax it to help against water damage.

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Hello, All. Thanks for responding. I'm old and have a tough time letting go of things I've had or been around for years and years. It does help me to keep in mind that someone else might enjoy using and/or finishing it. For whatever its worth I call it the "knee buster", among other selected words. The table 29" high. The band that goes around the table is 6" high. That allows only 23" for the knee area. I guess you know why I call it that. Regards, Gene

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