Beautiful Chair...any ideas please.

sass2050February 25, 2010

I bought this chair today and know nothing about it. Does anyone have any ideas about it, please.

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Fori is not pleased

I have a small rocker I inherited (not nearly as fancy as yours) and was told it's for sewing. Yours sure looks like it's meant for needlework of some type, judging by that lady, but I didn't think sewing rockers had arms.

(Oh, I don't know anything. But it's a very interesting chair!)

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Is she making lace? I wonder if that carved panel was originally on something else, and the chair was made to incorporate it, later.

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That might explain the odd way the back is attached to the bottom of the chair seat. Also, it looks like the chair seat has been repaird by pulling the separated boards together and securing it with a brace. It's odd that he chair construction would not be designed to disguise the bottom back brace if, indeed it was made for the back.

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I wonder if the back panel was part of a larger, hall chair, and that someone grafted it onto the rocker. The legs on the underside don't match the marks--maybe the seat and back were together and the rocker legs added later? 'Tis a quandary.

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