attaching ceiling drywall

lexarJanuary 22, 2007

I would like to know if its ok to screw the ceiling drywall directly onto the joists without any furring strips.

Obviously the pro is that is saves space and effort and since I have engineered joists there should be no movement or warping of the joists.

What are the cons?

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Apparently you do not have any gas, water or electricity hanging below your joist. Unusual. Then, no problem hanging drywall from the joists. This will give you additional ceiling height.

The one "con" which comes to mind is that you have no space for the future to route anything through the basement going across the joists. That means future electrical needs, cable or the like. We had utilities hanging below our joists so it was necessary to "bridge" them and I hung 2 x 4's flat and attached the drywall to them. Benefit is that I have access going both directions. May not be necessary but I like options.

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