epoxy paint on basement floor

innof3happinessJanuary 6, 2008

hello. has anyone done an epoxy painted floor in their basement? we are putting an addition onto our house that includes a new basement. the basement will be used as a play/media room for our kids, who are in their tween years. i'm reluctant to use wall-to-wall carpeting because i know so many people who have had to redo their carpet bc of flooding. i hope we don't have flooding, and as a precaution we do have 2 sump pumps...but you never know! also, in our last house the basement was so heavily played in that the carpet got really gross....so i'm looking at painting the concrete floor and using area rugs. but will it be too cold? would love to know if others have painted with epoxy/resin in their basements and what the results have been.


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We used epoxy (one step by Behr from Home Depot)on our workshop, bathroom, and coatroom. While it's not basement, it is attached to the garage and is concrete floor. We added the roughening material (recommended) to the epoxy to prevent slippage, etc. We are NOT at all happy with this. Any mud from feet or tires is a bear (ha! - Behr, I get it!) to remove. I'm considering removing it and redoing it with the high quality stuff!! OR going without.

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I seen the TBF carpet on the rubberized squares. Its really look great when its put down.

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We painted our basement bathroom floor with epoxy paint and put some rugs down to stop slippage. I put the rubberized matting under the rugs and now some of that matting stuck to the floor and looks bad. Any help you could give us on what to do - start over and do something better than epoxy paint?? How would you suggest taking the matting residue off?

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