Argument with assistand management.

Rain_wingsMay 17, 2005

i have just been extremely disrespected by the assistant manager at my apartment complex.

Because of the recent hurricanes, La aloma apartments, in winter park, had experienced some damages.

Building and putting up a new set of stairs became a plan for them.

They boarded up the back door for safety reasons and now the only door that was left to use was the front door to the apartment.

While exiting the apartment you go downstairs and encounter another door.

This door is frequently locked.

My roomate and I had not gone to get a key for this door because it was never needed, we had always used the back door.

After coming home late at night from school at about 1am, I usually go over a crosswak.

But because there is hardly any traffic, The lights change quite quickly and drivers fail to care for the individual already in the middle of crossing the street. So i about get hit twice.

Frusterated with not the so much greatest of floridian drivers, from what ive seen, I come home and find the front door into the stairway locked. I figure its too late for me to knock on the windows or back doors of the Man who works for the apartment complex that lives underneath me. So i go up the back way and break off the board nailed to the door.

Days later I go to the office and ask for a key, they tell me its the same key used for the laundrey room. Turns out that this laundrey room key doesnt fit the door. Why? Because its the key to the laundrey room for the other set of apartments. Buildings E and F or so.... There is no building G laundrey room. So this key turns out to be useless for opening the door.

So today i get home from school during Office hours and find out that i cant open the front door. I cant go and open the back door either because i forgot my keys to the apartment inside of the apartment. They key to the stairway never worked in the first place, so i wouldnt be able to get in through the front even if i did have my keys.

I go and i ask the lady for a key. She tells me to bring back the one that didnt work. I explain to her time and time again that i cant get inside because the doors are locked.

For some reason she would not comprehend that i couldnt get inside the apartment, and that i would need the key for the front door.

She asked the Man that lives underneath me something about the boards.

he said that they were off. She goes and starts pointing her finger up and down talking me. Which i really didnt appreciate. Now that ive written all this out i cant really remember what her exact words were.

The fact is that she just was not listening, most likely thinking about some other incident and probably took it out on me.

Because this was her decision, I feel like i should be able to retaliate, but dont know to what complications that could lead to.

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To resolve this should be simple. You need to take the time to get the right key. Period. At one point you talk about 'breaking in' (breaking off the boards) and then say 'days later I go to the office and ask for a key.' You should have gone to get a key the very next day.

It sounds like you got 'caught' breaking the boards off and now, because you have been inconvenienced, you feel that you were justified in doing so and that the manager did not have a right to give you a hard time about it. Nope. They didn't put those boards up just to inconvenience you. They put them up for safety reasons.

You feel you should be able to 'retaliate'? Oh yeah, that'll really help the situation.

You need to show a little responsibility here to get the appropriate key and to not be blaming everyone else on your lack of motivation to get what you need to be able to enter and leave your apartment as necessary. According to what you have written, I don't think the apartment manager disrespected you - it sounds more like you were treated in a manner that you brought upon yourself by your actions and inaction.

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rain- you might want to move to the dorms, where there are always people at the desk to let you in to your room when you space your keys, and you don't have to worry about things like being responsible for your own stuff (how long did you live there with a key that didn't work before this storm damage became an issue?)

yes, you were dissed. it's often what happens to young people who think that it's ok to vandalize things for their own convenience. yes, the maintenance man would have been annoyed at you got knocking on his door at 11PM, maybe- but it's his job, and he lives where he does to be accessible.

so, by pulling off the boards in the first place, and not going to the office the NEXT DAY, apoligizing, and getting the proper keys, you proved yourself to BE the brat you were treated like.

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