monet wedding ring set? charm

kristielove21February 1, 2010

I recieved a small charm from a great aunt of mine who recently passed and I just was trying to find out some stuff about it. I've done a little research but not much. It's a gold wedding ring set on a little clasp that looks like it was originally a necklace. Online I found others exactly the same except the one I have is gold. The silver ones are vintage from the 70s and are on charm bracelets so I was wondering if the gold was maybe a later reproduction?

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What is the marking on it?
And a picture would help....I have no idea what a "gold wedding ring set on a little clasp" big? Is there a stone?
I suspect that sort of charm has been made for years....and there is no "one" nor a reproduction of that "one". I think a charm of a set of rings was made by many company for years, in gold, silver, gold filled and silver tone....which is a euphemism for "junk".
Linda C

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When I was in high school in late 50's we all had either chunky bracelets with lots of stuff hanging down or more dainty bracelets consisting of real gold or real silver chain with several gold or silver charms representing the girl's hobbies, swimmer, bowler, sewing stuff,ballerina etc, then as we married some girls added to their bracelets & probably were proud they were married & added some rings. I think bracelets like that have been in vogue a couple of times since, I bought my DD charms for her's in 80's. Something young girls have enjoyed over many years. Monet is marked. Might get an LED flashlight as they give "outdoor" light & easier to see marks on jewelry(& slivers in your fingers!!)LOL

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I have a gold "ring set", that I was given as a wedding shower memento. It is 10K and very pretty. A jeweler once told me that what I thought was a diamond "chip", was really a very small cut diamond! I rec'd the bracelet and several charms in the 60's...I am still wearing it, and occasionally add another charm!

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Monet made costume jewelry, not fine jewelry. Is it marked?

Here is a link that might be useful: Charm Bracelets

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