Experience w/Barricade Basement System

phoenix2000January 2, 2008

Has anyone used the BARRICADEÂ Basement Subfloor Panel & Wall Panel System by OvrX?


Would this adequately address moisture coming from floor and basement walls?

Since it includes OSB, does this increase potential for mold problems?

Is this system comparable, better or worse than using say Dricore on the flooring and Dens Armor Plus wallboard for the walls?

thanks in advance for your insights,


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I've not heard of the system before. But XPS against walls or floors is an excellent setup. Just be sure you check your local Code for required R Values. The maximum R Value for the Barricade wall panels is R12. I routinely put in R18 for basement walls by combining XPS and fiberglass or sprayed closed cell foam and fiberglass, both followed by standard drywall.

I think it will come down to comparing the cost and ease of installation. Which in turn, depends on the character of the walls and floors you're putting the panels against.

For instance, on a poured wall, it's often hard to get the XPS as tight to the wall as you'd like because of the irregularities of the pour. With Barricade panels, you have to account beforehand for those irregularities to keep the wall plumb vertically and horizontally.

Barricade's floor panels provide more insulation value than Dricore, which includes no insulation.

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did you decide to use barricade or not because I was also looking at it?

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