Can we get compenstated for the noise?

socaldisneydudeMay 22, 2007

For the past three months our apartment complex has been going through a series of repairs. They have had to tear out the concrete flooring on alot of peoples balconies and walkways and replacing old plumbing.

I understand this is a necessary maintenance issue and expected some noise. The problem is that management has hired these three guys that are doing all the work and if you saw these guys "work" you would think they worked for the city with how slow they work. I think the job shouldn't take longer than a couple of weeks at the most but these three guys have been at it for almost three months now.

The problem is that I work the swing shift. I get off work at 9:30 PM so therfore do not go to bed till around 2 or 3 in the morning. My usual time that I wake up is about 11AM. These guys show up around 8 in the morning and start their "work". They use powertools for everything and one of these guys absolutely LOVES his nail gun and he uses it whenever possible for as long as possible. They also have a radio they bring and blast their spanish music.

so for the past three months I have not gotten a full nights sleep, except on the weekends when the guys are not working. This is affecting my job performance at work because I'm tired all the time. I tried to go to bed earlier so that way I would rise earlier but that doesn't work because I'm so used to my schedule that my body hasn't wound down enough to let me sleep.

I haven't called the office about this yet because I figure they will just tell me that there is nothing they can do and it's just too bad that I can't get enough sleep. I feel that since they are doing this maintenance work on the cheap side it would explain why these guys are taking so long. If they used a professional company they would have been done a long time ago.

So what do you think? Should I seek some kind of compensation for the noise? Can I even ask for it? What should I do about this? Can I even do anything about this?

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Have you tried ear plugs? You really need to find a way to get the sleep you need. Do you have a friend/relative you could stay with until the construction is finished? I think I'd ask the office exactly how long until it will be finished and try to figure out what to do from there. But I don't see an apartment owner compensating for the noise.

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I also think you should call the office and say, "I understand you gotta get this done, so that's why I haven't said anything until now, but......three months is WAY too long; they gotta turn the d*mn radio off; and if they're GOING to work so darn slow, can they start a little later in the day? Or at least do the non-power-tool stuff after 9:30 am? I'm dying here!"

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I only know from DH's work in construction over the years that most municipalities have noise ordinances for construction work and that is machinery/power tools/etc. cannot be run before 8:00 a.m. in residential areas. That kind of stinks for the shift workers in the world, though. I'm with talley_sue, ask the landlord if he/she can ask the worker's to at least keep the radio off till their lunch break if nothing else. (Understand about the radio, I've had guys in doing work on vacant rentals while I did some DIY jobs at the same time. Music was so loud I couldn't carry on a phone conversation.) And perhaps the landlord is not aware they are 'milking' the job? (Depends on how 'hands on' your landlord is.)

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They are doing construction in our complex and they start at 7 AM and stop at 10 PM (sometimes)... it's terrible, so all I can say is good luck and I feel for you. I see Disney in your s/n... are you in FL or CA, or neither?

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I'm in CA, just ten minutes away from Disneyland.

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