Capodimonte - right? Anything else I should know?

DLM2000February 1, 2010

Yes, from my grandmother ;-)

I finally hung these a year or so ago and got over my fear of decorating like an old lady. If the shoe fits.... and I've come to love them. Someone told me they are Capodimonte - I asked my brother and he looked at me like I had 2 heads.

I didn't get pictures of the backs - they have paper backing that is torn, so I don't have any qualms about pulling it off for a picture and replacing it if anyone thinks there might be something to look at there. Yes, no, maybe?

Haven't found anything while searching Capodimonte that looks anything like these so maybe they're something else?

They have a 'place of honor'? in my powder room!

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I don't know jack about Capodimonte, but your black powder room is lovely.

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They're great! As is the whole powder room and they provide a great touch.
Until we see the mark....can we say "Capo di Monte-ish"?
I trust they are porcelain and not raised paper or plastic or something.....

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Thanks you both - that powder room update is largely my DH's handiwork. I come up with the ideas and he figures our how to make it happen! Beginning to end here if you're interested

aarrgghh - it's that mark thing again! ;-)

ok - what am I looking for this time - and where?

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A crown with an N beneath....sort of a stylized crown...
Somewehre on the back.

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