Worried about noise issues with new apartment

jpalexaMay 11, 2006

I just recently signed a one year lease at a great apartment.

For the past week i have been painting and been getting ready to move in. But now i have realized i can hear the tv under me loud and clear coming from the heat vents. This is my worst nightmare because i made sure the apartments were separated by concrete floors and block walls, never thought about the vents that run the length of every room in the apartment. Im more worried about being a noisy neighbor, i enjoy having guests and watching sporting events with friends (this can get noisy). I havenÂt met the man under me but i saw him, he's very old and i really dont want to be a problem for him. IÂm thinking for this next year to work I have to figure out a way to block the vents (probably 50 feet of these floor vents in the whole apartment)or be uncomfortable in my own home. I also live with my girlfriend and im worried about bedroom issues because the bedroom is where i hear his tv the loudest.

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interesting... how old is he? Could be he's the kind of man that falls asleep right away; and forgets or falls asleep with his TV on. Have you "asked" (not complained) the landlord about your neighbor below?

good luck

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How old is very old to you? You should have asked about the neighbors first. Because you didn't, who knows, invite him up for the sporting things, he might love it and bring a bag of chips. Even if he doesn't come at all or until say football season, odds are he will appreciate the invite.

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jpalexa , we have concrete walls in between our homes and we can still hear all that goes on next door. But just normal everyday things. well, besides the one set of neighbors on one side that blasts there music for whole neighborhood to hear but otherwise concrete is still not sound proof..lol. trust me..lol. anyways just start talking to the man downstairs. Maybe he will turn out to be a man that can deal with it. :) Good luck

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We have concrete walls here and I STILL hear the upstairs neighbor's TV or Stereo if it is up loud. However, I do not hear anyone walking above me. I'm sorry I don't have any further sound proofing ideas for you!

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The reason vents travel noise is they vibrate. If you can reduce the vibrations it will help. Hard to recomend how without seeing. You dont want to seal them off. Definatly invite the guy up.
#1 he will appreaciate the invite and should be more accepting of the noise, also would be expecting it.
#2 If after a few games the noise bothers him and he doesn't come up, its easy for him to mention it to you.
#3 He may come up and get a new friend or ali

I had a great uncle that I only saw every 10 years or so. He was at a family football party. It was really, really loud. Even though he sat quietly I talked to him and he was loving the noise and atmosphere. Turns out he was a HUGE football fan. Just was to old and on oxygen then. It really made his day to be invited back for more games.

Good luck. If you live in a area where the vents aren't necessary all year, perhaps stuffing them with sponges would reduce the vibrations. Don't do this during a cold winter or a hot summer if its A/C

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make sure you're not noisy yourself and ask him to keep it down. if it doesn't help then you have a problem.

vents are just one more manifestation of the apartment living problem. there's little you can do about that.

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