Owner Won't Fix Air Conditioners!!

squatchy1May 26, 2006

Here is my problem- We have two through the wall air conditioners in our apartment. The one in the bedroom kind of works a little but the one in the living room does nothing but blow hot air. For about three weeks now we keep being promised that someone will be out to look at them- We are still waiting. The biggest problem about this is that I have a medical problem where I am extremely prone to fainting and the hot weather makes it a lot worse. We live on the third floor so it gets very hot in our apartment and my body cannot handle this. What steps can I take to put pressure on the owner to get something done?

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Check your local laws. Landlord and Tenant laws of each state usually have a provision that whatever was there when you rented has to be kept working.

And you might have a "tenant self-help" clause where you, after a certain notice to the landlord (in writing) can call a repairman and fix the issue, then deduct it from the rent. You have to follow certain steps ... be sure you follow them exactly.

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Just keep bugging him. DEADBEAT LANDLORDS!
Perhaps you could call him and ask if its OK for you to arrange a repair man to come over. Make sure you ask what address the bill needs to be sent to.

Do you pay your own elect? If so try to get a new A/C unit. You will save a lot of $$$ in electric bills. If you are going to live there a while you could offer to pay part of it to intice him to get you a brand new unit. The amount you pay should come back in elect savings.

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I agree w/ trying to get a new A/C unit.

If he's having trouble getting around to this, you might just tell him, "a new unit is only X dollars; would you like me to get one, and you can pay me back? It'll be cheaper than paying someone to fix it." Bcs it will, plus it'll be easier on him. True, he should deal w/ buying it, etc., but if he's dragging his feet, the more homework (or actual work) you do for him, the faster things will move.

The newer units are amazingly energy efficient.

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