Any comments on Owens Corning Basement Systems?

drummer13January 27, 2006

My father-in-law is thinking of having his basement remodeled, and a guy from Owens Corning came over and did a very impressive presentation. The product itself looks very good, and the price is, well, not great, but not bad.

I was looking for some feedback if anyone else has had this system installed, and how do you like it?

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I heard they try to rip you off with high pressure sales tactics and if you wait you can get a better price - the saleperson is on a big commission schedule.

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I have seen a friend's basement that had the Owens Corning Basement wall system installed and it looked great. I would like to do the same in my basement however Owen's Corning does not sell this product to the general public, it must be installed by a Owens Corning Certified Installer. The prices these intallers get for this product are out of site. I am a DIYer and I am looking for a similar product to the Owens Corning system. To date I havn't been able to find anything similar. Anyone else know of a product that is similar?

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I looked into it a few years ago and found the same thing. It is costly and they install it. I am also a dofur. I could not find anything similar. I did it the old fashon way of 2x4 and drywall.

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We hade someone come and give a quote on this system also. We were blown away at the cost. I we just finish studing it up and are now looking for a matirial for the walls other than drywall. We are affraid of moisture, there has to be something better?! I think we will wait on the owens corning untill you can buy the matirials yourself and put them in. Crazy!!!

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I think eventually that Owens Corning will start to sell thier system to the general public. I think that most peoples opinion is that it is just to expensive.

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Is it just me or is it looks like cubicals?

Guy came over, showed us a book with samples some bogus study of Owens Corning that avg basement finishing is $55 sq ft.

He would install his for $37, if youy sign contract right now. Has ha ha ha......

On 1600 sq ft => $59,000. Man he was nutz if he thought I would pay this much for walls. Framing $3000, 1k - 2k drywall, +carpet + fixtures etc...

Owens Corning is dumb with exclusive distribution channel.

In my state finishing basement hardly adds anything to sales price. $60k + flooring?

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Our neighbor has the Ownens Corning system in their basement.

It looks horrible. I remember when I was a secretary in Manhattan sitting in a cubicle. That is what the Owens Corning system looks like.

You can see the ugly seams. The walls look cheap. You can not hang pictures on the walls without using special Owens Corning clips.

What a mess.

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I think it is expensive. We just did our basement with drywall, lighting, heating and rugs for about 10-11K. That is with hiring it ALL out. We know someone who did the OC deal, similar square footage and they paid 33K - without carpeting!

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IÂm a DIYer as well. I started my basement shortly after my lay off after sept. 11, and finished right before X-Mas 04Â. My wife wasnÂt too happy about how long it took me, but as I was working again, I couldnÂt find the time to pour into the basement project.

My sister and her husband got an Owens Corning basement actually about 4 months before I started mine. She said her was almost 30K, but theyÂre glad they got it, and are happy with it. Heading into the spring of 03Â, a lot of snow melted around their house fast, and they had some horrible leaks (in a new house!!! too!!!). Well, I helped them on a Saturday take all the Owen Corning panels off the wall, and we air dried them outside. I canÂt imagine what it would have been like tearing out drywall.

I like my drywall basement, my wife likes it now, despite being the sore topic of conversation for 3 yearS!!! Personally, I now wished we would have had that OC basement. Especially, since now, my son has Asthma. And the haunting fact of possible mold in my basement, which causes those breathing problemsÂ. I just wish we would had done the professional way. The price, long term, for the trade off of quick no hassle and peace of mind is worth it to me.

Good luck with your decision!!!!

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Take a look at Georgia Pacific's Paperless DensArmor® Plus Interior Wallboard. Supposed to be good in basements and works like regular drywall. I've found it at afew suppliers here on Long Island, but don't price. It can't be that much more than common paper drywall, certainly less than the Owens Corning panels, which are, by the way, mounted to full steel studding if not directly to unobstruded walls.
I thinking of the GP material or wood paneling directly on 16" steel centers. The paneling I would seal with oil-base primer front and back before hanging to help moisture resistence. Wonder if typical 4x8 wood paneling is rigid enough by itself.

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I too have been thinking of wood paneling for the basement so the construction won't be so messy with drywall dust going everywhere. Anyone have this in their basement and want to comment?

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Yeah, I have been thinking about would paneling over unfinished drywall to avoid the mess and dust. It depends on whether you like the look or not. I may even do 50/50 with paneling on the lower have with trim in the middle so there is less mess. I just think 100% wood panel gives a wood cabin feel that I'm not too keen on.

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I guess one could go with a mix of paneling, maybe like flat panel on top of chair rail and beadboard below to give it a more refined look.

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I have paneling in the basement of my home. We purchased the home last April and are doing some work to it. We couldn't find matching paneling to replace pieces so we are painting it. What a pain in the neck! The paneling has groves every inch and it is tough to paint and takes a long time to do so. In addition, is was installed directly to the framing. It isn't sturdy and I don't like! I told my wife in a few years we will rip it all out and replace it with sheetrock like material.

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logic... NICE!

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logic, what are the wall materials you are using there? Hard to tell.

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Mine ended up this way due to a 180 degree stairs which meant no full sheets of drywall could be brought in. I am not so good at drywall finishing. I built 2 x 4 wood stud walls, 24 in. on center and used pressure treated for the lower sill. The lower part is 1/4 drywall behind 1/4 thick unfinished oak paneling that we stained. It came in 4 x 8 sheets that we cut roughly into thirds. The upper is 5/8 drywall (used 10 foot sheets cut in half to 5' x 4' and applied vertically). This way the only joints were the tapered edges and easy to finish. The chair rail and base moulding is the pre-finished foam stuff.

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Price is "not bad" for Owens Corning?


I was quoted $55,000 for just WALLS, CEILING and TRIM of a 1000 sq ft basement!!!!

I can do it myself for $5000!

Owens Corning is a ripoff completely, and if my basement floods I can refinish it 5 times over for the cost of Owens doing it once.

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Be carefull hanging wood paneling without any drywall backer. It is against code in many areas.
The thin wood burns very quickly in a fire if not layered onto drywall.
3/4 inch panelling is typically fine.
A layer of 1/2 inch drywall with a 1 coat setting finish is fine for backing.

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My husband and I just had OC/CKH Industries of New York put our basement in. It took over 3 mths and it's still not right,they had 4 different people work on it and took it apart 3 different times, we ended up just paying to get rid of them. It was the most awful experience we have ever had. We would not recommend using them. The product is good and looks nice but the CKH company is the worst company we have ever worked with. Over priced and workers mostly not skilled. Management was even worse.They did not do anything the sale's person promised.

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Mobile, is that the company on rte300 in Newburgh. We just had them out to the house for an estimate. After starting at a price of 65K (which almost made me faint) it was whittled down to about 45k with various "discounts" before we even left the table. Of course this was the buy it now price not "garanteed" after that day. That did not include flooring or the half bath we want to add. I hate that kind of sales tactics. Got an estimate from a regular contractor for 35k that includes the flooring, bath, etc.(basically soup to nuts). Still might do it myself for about 20k

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Skyrob66, I don't live in NY, but the company is in New Windsor, NY, if that's any help.

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I'm considering using CKH Industries, New Windsor, NY to install an owens coning baesment finishing system. Has anyone had any experience with this company?

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Herculite, please read above comment I wrote regarding CKH. You would be better off going somewhere else.

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As per an agreement with CKH Industries of New Windsor NY, my Husband and I retract our above statements.

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That seems to elaborate? Very hard to "un-ring" a bell as the saying goes.

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I see it like this: Company threatens lawsuit for libel. Consumer, even if just stating his/her experience and opinion, cannot afford a costly lawsuit. End result: public retractment.

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IÂve seen two Owens Corning basements and IÂve finished any number of basements using traditional methods. My observations are:

1. The Owens Corning system is expensive. One basement we looked at cost the homeowner $8,000 to $10,000 more than we would have charged them for a complete basement. As it stands they still have to spend another $5,000 on a bathroom.
2. Owens Corning doesnÂt actually install anything. They simply sell their product to selected contractors. As a result the quality of the job can vary depending on who did the actual install. Of the two jobs I looked at, one had noticeably better "fit and finish" than the other.
3. In one of the two basements IÂm familiar with the contractorÂs estimate of 1 week for completion actually took four weeks. The product should take less time to install that traditional construction but that seems to be a function of the contractor too.
4. Personally IÂm not too keen on the "office cubical" look of the Owens Corning product. Some people like it. The drawback, of course, is that youÂre stuck with it. A drywall can be painted, textured, etc. I havenÂt checked but my guess is that trim choices are limited too.
5. There seems to be limited choices for ceilings. One, maybe two, styles of ceiling tile.
6. The Owens Corning product should be a cleaner install. ThereÂs limited sawdust and no drywall dust. A responsible contractor using traditional methods will takes steps to keep the workplace and house clean too.
7. Certainly being able to remove panels to access the foundation behind them has its advantages. I donÂt know how well the panelÂs clean if, for example, the basement floods.
8. I have no information about the long-term durability of the product. Certainly traditional methods have been proven over time. My understanding is that a replacement panel is over $200. I also donÂt know if there are any issues with fading where if you needed to replace a panel in, say, 5 years. I also donÂt know how long Owens Corning is planning on making this product, or the color theyÂre using now.
9. IÂm inclined to believe the whole mold issue is a bit over hyped. Moisture issues in basements need to be addressed and corrected before any kind finishing takes place. For new construction itÂs a good idea to wait a full year before starting any basement project. For homes with a sump pump a back-up system should be installed as part of any basement project.

The Owens Corning product offers a quicker install with less mess and being able to remove the panels may be a benefit. The drawbacks are that it is going to cost more and youÂll have fewer choices for finishes.


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Don't do it! I have never had a worse or less professional experience with a contractor. I live in a 90 year old home and have been through extensive remodels with less problems then this basement system.

The hollow doors have caved in and fallen apart after they cut them down to fit. The panels have been replaced because of sagging and frumpy look and I have only had this in place for 30 days. The latest and most severe problem is the furnace blew up because of lack of fresh air which I questioned during the installation.

This company and system is a nightmare!

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I have read up on this and to be honest the above post included a heck of a lot more than the average person is going to do in their basement. Here is what I found via Googling a number of forums / topics on the Owens Corning system.

1)In general, in the end, folks are very pleased with the outcome and look of their finished space. They are happy that it is generally completed in 5 to 10 days with little mess. The are happy with the over all quality of the product. Almost all acknowlege they are paying a premium price for the system---and can afford it.
2) Almost all endured a hours on end sales pitch to get the bottom line price, which supposedly was only good if they commited that day. All were highballed a a price and then given 'incentives' to get the price down. These included, a 'let me call my manager' discount, a convenience (let us install when its good for our schedule) discount, a 'buy it now' discount etc etc. More than half the posts I saw turned away the salesman due to the selling tactics involved here. Many also felt their time was completely wasted since by the time they got the bottom line price, they could not afford OR just felt they were being swindled.
3) Generally prices started around $80+ a square foot and ended up in the $40+ range. Some were in the $25+ range but I think these were cases where just 4 exterior walls were being covered. Funny though, different folks ended up with different items included in their price (floors/fixtures etc) Be prepared to negotiate and / or worn down. Be prepared for scare tactics.

Personally, I hate even negotiating for new car sales and puchase over the net. I am glad I read up on this before having someone out. I'd have kicked him out after an hour.

I agree that OC should have some sort disclaimer on pricing so folks do not waste there time.

Their consistently bad reputation in the sales arena has precluded me from even considering them.

Too bad OC does not develop a Do-it yourself system.

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great story.
Reminds me of my experience with Four Seasons Sunrooms.
I heard similar tales about DirectBuy.
Its funny, all these outfits use the same tactics.
Thanks for sharing.


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I'm sorry but even for $40/SF that is a total rip off.

If you are in the market for a basement remodel I recommend you find an honest contractor and have a nicer space finished for much less than that.

I finished off our basement this year. About 1000 SF of finished space with 3 closets and 3 unfinished storage areas. Hired someone to frame it out and do the electrical. Hired someone to hang and finish drywall. Hired some one to do a drop ceiling in about 1/3 of it (rest was drywall). I installed the insulation, doors, trim, painted, and a couple of days of miscelaneous tasks during framing. Finished the floor with a nice berber. This cost me probably $11/SF. Mind you I got pretty good rates on labor since these guys were sort of doing it on the side. Even if I doubled the labor I'd still be looking at around $16/SF.

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Misguided Building Codes insisting on tight poly vapour barriers--and even worse, double vapour barriers--have led to wall system failures in as little as a year.

No doubt helping contractors sell the OC system, which evidently works well as long as the basement is heated and mechanically dehumidified.

But does that justify a $168,000 basement?

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I am in the process of having 400sqft of my basement finished for $10,000. The price includes wood framing, insulation, drywall, Tape and spackle, electical work (outlets, cable, light fixtures), leveling the floor, ceramic tile floor, Drop ceiling, baseboard heating, 6ft of cabinets upper and base with formica countertop, two large closets with shelves. and a slop sink. The only thing I have to do is paint.

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Owens Corning is an ugly, overpriced basement option.

Did I mention it's ugly?

I have never heard of anyone having anything positive to say about the sales people or the cheesy looking fabric panels.

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We are in the process of getting an OC basement and after reading all of these posts, I'm scared to death. We are getting a little over 900 sq ft finished for $38,000. The salesman told me not to separate the space, but to leave it open. I really wanted my home theater to be separate from my workout room, so when the installer came for a pre-installation inspection, I asked him if he could put in another wall with a French door in it. He said he could.

A couple of days later, the salesman came back to tell us how much this change would add to our previous price. For an eight-foot wall, he said it would cost an additional $3,800! The reason, he said, was because he had to count it as sixteen feet since both sides had to be finished. Now we aren't sure what to do. I really want the wall, but the salesman is pressuring me not to do it. I sure don't want to spend $3,800 for an eight-foot wall and French door. HELP!

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Am I Stuck

I hope your not. I don't know where you live but I am from Long Island New York where everything is expensive. $40,000 dollars for walls is ridicules even for here. I don't buy the whole thing about being able to remove the walls in the event of water damage. Think about it. Are you really going to take down the walls and replace or air them out yourself, or will you have to hire someone from OC? How much would that cost? Will the color, fabric, or the company still be around in 10yrs for replacement parts? Even if you can get the same replacement walls the new ones probably will be slightly off due to fading. It would probably be cheaper and easier to replace dry wall. I don't know if you signed a contract or gave a deposit but I would find out how much it would cost to have a general contractor finish your basement. As I stated above It only cost me $10,000 for 400 sqft.

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We had a presentation this week and I felt like it was a use car salesman from the slimest dealer in town.

Our project is very simple - four walls in a cement basement, approximately 350 square foot. Nothing special or fancy.

First estimate $29,500. However if we agree to an open house, the price went to $21,500. Offer good today and today only because they are talking to other homeowners with the same offer. First come, first serve, etc.

When I said I wasn't going to commit to that kind of investment on the spot, the saleman needed to call his manager. Amazingly, there was another discount that had just became available today. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what that was because I made it clear we weren't interested.

I think this is a good system, but I think it may be overpriced and the sales tactics are questionable.


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Well, I was sort of stuck. I was able to negotiate the additional wall down to $2800. I also got the salesman to throw in an extra door and bring our interest rate down by one point. It was a bit of a fight, but it finally worked out. The construction was finished yesterday and it does look great! It only took 2 weeks.

They installed two phone jacks, two cable jacks and 12 electrical outlets. They installed 18 can lights with 2 dimmer switches throughout. We got a total of 3 regular 6 panel doors and a 6 panel French door. The grand total came to about $41,000.

The guys who did our construction were great! Very polite and friendly. They were very willing to adjust things for us when we asked. I had no problem with them. Just the salesman, the general manager, and their finance person.

Anyway, it's all done and we can just get used to paying for it for the next 30 years.

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it still looks like the walls of my office cubical

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any pics for us to see?

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We had the system installed 2 years ago. For the size of our basement and for the purposes we use it for, it turned out fine. It was a whole lot more expensive than what it would have cost had my husband and I had done it ourselves. But his work and travel schedule was crazy and I just dreaded the idea of dealing with contractors coming and going for weeks while I was home alone. The whole thing was done in 2 weeks.

We have 2 dogs and we had a separate room and door leading to an outside fenced-in area installed when we did the basement. This was the best part for me. The floor is a skid-resistant rubberized tile that cleans like a dream, yet it's not hard and cold for the dogs to lay on when they're in their room.(We haven't seen any flooring material like it available anywhere else since our installation.)

One other good aspect is that the ceiling tiles, and I'm guessing the padded walls as well, make it very good at muffling sound. I know my pups must be barking when the doorbell rings when company arrives (which is when they're relegated to the dog room) but you cannot hear them. If a family is considering this system for a rec room for teens playing music or watching videos with the volume turned up, this would be a big plus.

The experience with the salesperson was just as described above. I thought the man would never leave!

I'm pleased with my basement - but would I do it again. We're building a new home now, and my answer is NO! The price was exorbitant and I cringe at the thought of going through the hassle of that creepy "at home" sales pitch again.

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"They installed 18 can lights with 2 dimmer switches throughout."

Am I Stuck,

Did the OC contractor get a permit for the work? Eighteen recessed cans on two dimmers is a lot. Electricians generally use 6 cans per dimmer. The dimmer is most likely rated for only 600 watts.

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I've done a lot of research on Moisture-free installations. I've looked at Owen's Corning, but find it not affordable. I just literally spent a month and a half ripping down all of the old wallboard my father had done years before. Moldy due to the floods in NH last Mother's Day.

I've found a possible solution for DIYers..
Georgia Pacific Paper-free wallboard

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We just concluded our dealings with this company--thanks in large part to the many helpful comments on this page and the clear consensus here--so I'll add my own comments also although our experience doesen't get beyond the overblown take it or leave it sales pitch.

Salesman cam out last week and took 2.5 hours of our time to do drawings and plans. Price for a 6-800 square foot design was >$50k. We changed the design a bit and used less of their walls and got it down to $24k. It was still too much for us so we said goodbye and then the discounts and incentives started rolling out. Then (at 8:30pm) he called his manager on his cell phone and offered us a special discount if we agreed to host an open house to help them get more business--new price $18k. Ok, we'll consider it.

Then we get a cold call from the manager--turns out the original salesman was only with the company 3-4 months (as he had told us) and the more experiences manager could come out to make sure we'd gotten the best plans and the best deal--and she had more flexibility on price, and it would be quicker since he already did the drawings and all. So out she comes--but she's never seen his drawings. Seems it's better for her to do it herself since she's been doing it so long. . .

So we start over--another 2.5 hours, starting with a little survey to check whether the original guy had done the job right (this to benefit the company, not us--we should bill for our services). So we do it over, come up with a different approach--new price $22k or $16k for the original approach.

But I sat and read this site while she sat and did her math and everything started to make sense. So when I came back in to hear the final pitch we said we appreciated it and would seek other estimates and would be in touch. Nope--it's accept orreject right now. Explained that "due diligence" means I need 2 estimates for any major job. She got pretty pissed--after all we'd had them out twice. As if I had called them to invite them back. She strongly suggested we'd never get a good price (or peraps even any price) from them in the future, so we said goodbye.

I have no regrets. Looks like a good product but more money than one needs to spend on a basement by far and the sales tactic is nonsense. Maybe if I call them in 2 weeks and say we'e interested and they haven't found their open house yet they'll say no, we'd rather have no one than you but somehow I doubt it. I have no regrets--the price is out of sight, the sales tactic is too pressured and I don't do business that way.

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Would anyone have an estimate for the Total basement Solution referenced here ? I have about 1000 sq ft to finish.


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Am_I_stuck? Who is the contractor you are using? Did you already sign the contract?

Mobile: I'm considering using OC/CKH to do my sun suite. Similar sales tactics here. What's going on and why did you and your husband retract your free opinion?

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I visited OC website to read about their basement finishing product that gets installed in two weeks. I'm just sorry I did not read these comments before I placed my email for a call about their product. I'm scared about what is to come. The sleazy sales tactics and the pressure. I can't wait for the call to come so I can inform them I did my research and am not interested. I know they will try to get me to change my mind, but I'll be ready for a come back line. Thanks so much for your true expereinces, which have enlightened me and made me look at this for what it is. TRUE CAPITALISM AT IT"S BEST.

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I wish I had read these posts before I agreed to have a "free estimate"----I just spent 2.5 hrs. listening to a sales pitch that ultimately was outrageously priced. For about 500 sq. ft it was 40K which dropped to 32 K if we hosted an open house. Talk about feeling like dealing with a used car salesman!

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West Michigan Basements Is now the dealer for Impressive Basements on the west side of the state. After looking into OC, Impressive and a couple of others, we're going with Impressive. The biggest issue I had with each going in were the seams, Impressive had the best results. The West Michigan/Impressive rep was in and out in no time with no pressure to sign today and on top of that they beat the others buy 10k and 12k. It was nice after the beating I took from the others. The other big thing is the lifetime manufacturers warranty.
Definately do your homework and dig in for a battle when you have some of these companies come for an estimate.
Here's the website for West Michigan for those interested
Happy hunting

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I am so glad I read these comments. I liked what I saw at our local "Home Show", but got an uneasy feeling when the sales persons last comment before I left their booth was..... "Your wife has to be home to for us to come out and give an estimate". That is a sure sign of high preasure. Also, they gave me a 2K discount for making an appointment at the show. I should have know better. So, I looked for comments about this product and was not suprised by what I read here. I called the company and canceled the appointment. My time and $$$ are to valuable for me to spend them on high preasure and over pricing. I like to be given a price that is honest and let me decide if it is reasonable. "Open House", give me a break...... Over priced.....YES! Thanks to all who have posted here..... Time well spent reading these posts.

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Based on first hand experience I can say Owens Corning Basement System is a good product. However their selling practice's and pricing are not so good.
To start with all "give aways" are added to the price of the sale. Nothing is free.
Secondly the list price is inflated to allow salespeople to make large commissions. Discounts of 30% are allowed by the independent salesperson.
Finally don't pay attention to all the hype of their expertly written presentation which works on fear of mold, mildew and independent contractors.
The people that install their product are all independent contractors.

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The OC sales system is *obnoxious* and I would not buy the product because their entire presentation is based on the assumption that customers are incapable of thinking for themselves or doing any independent research. It's flat-out insulting. When I asked the salesperson what the cost per square foot would be, he said $40 to $60. Then, AN HOUR LATER, he handed me an estimate of $29,000 for a 260 square foot space. That's over $110/sq ft! Do they think we can't do math?

    Bookmark   May 2, 2008 at 4:20PM
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Remember that Owens Corning just manufactures/distributes the product. Independent contractors sell/install it (albeit, Owens Corning approved contractors). My gut reaction is that the product would require a bit of a hard sell because it tends to be somewhat more expensive than traditional finishing methods and people tend to be somewhat more frugal when it comes to finishing basements.

With that said, any competent installer should be able to give you a fairly accurate quote. Price per square foot is really only useful when comparing apples to apples. So if I told you I could finish your basement for $35 per sq. ft. with traditional materials it's not a meaningful number because the O-C product is so much different.

You should expect to pay more per square foot, regardless of finishing system, than someone with a larger basement. Just as an example, my supplier charges a delivery fee for orders below a certain size. I'd guess your order is going to be below the minimum, so you're going to pay that fee while you're neighbor with a 1,000 sq. ft. basement would not.

    Bookmark   May 4, 2008 at 8:49AM
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I like. the sound quality for my recording studio I hated the price and have one problem. I have cats. The material will separate from the backing leaving you with a horrible problem. Getting OC to replace a panel is such a daunting task that I have had this sagging panel for almost a year. I went through the pain one time after the first panel came apart and just can't find the time or energy to go through it again.
If the OC (not the installer who could go out of business at anytime) would back their product and help the consumer out, I would highly recommend spending the money....

    Bookmark   June 4, 2008 at 8:31PM
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I was a subcontractor for Basement Experts / Owens Corning for years. Worked my but off for them.
Just a warning for those subs out there considering working for them, in the beginning they pull money from your checks as an insurance policy to make sure you guarantee your work for a year. I can understand that. But once the year passes with no call backs they are to return the money.
Its been 2 years and I still haven't seen my $700.00. Beware subs, they'll screw you the same way they do everyone else.

    Bookmark   October 9, 2008 at 10:46AM
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I had the system installed in 06 and the problems I encountered was the sales man Larry Otte tried to get me to cancel the contract and eat a $7500.00 restocking fee only to go with his new company. The orginal electrican they sent out, installed 13 oulets on 1 circuit which wasn't the way it should have been. This issue has taken 3 years to get corrected, I have screamed to enough VP's and finelly my voice has been heard. This morning OC rep and an electrican was at my home and the issue should be resolved within a week. This should not have happened - and If I had found this forum in 05 I most likely would not have had their basement system put in. But overall I am very satisfied with my basement - it turned out very nice, we added our own special touches with ceramic entry way and cedar closets.

    Bookmark   March 6, 2009 at 12:14PM
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My wife and I went to an OC basement finishing open house and were stunned by the price. We were quoted a price of $30-$60 per square foot. I am a DIY guy so this seems really expensive. I have about a 1100 square foot basement to finish and I believe I can easily refinish it for $15k, including floors, plumbing, fixtures--none of which the OC finish system provides.

For those concerned about mold problems in basements, I have done some research on that issue. I have found that the primary cause apart from obvious foundation issues is that often with traditional construction the wall materials do not allow the basement to 'dry inwards'--meaning any moisture is trapped in the wall. This comes typically as a result of applying a impermeable vapor barrier against the concrete wall or immediately under the finish surface. The recommendation to avoid this is to create a thermal break at the cold concrete wall (typically using an extruded polystyrene "XPS") and then use materials that allow any moisture to dry into the finish space. Additionally, if traditional 2x4 framing is to be used, it should not contact the concrete wall, but instead be installed flush against the XPS. Un-faced fiberglass batting can be installed in the stud cavities if additional insulation is desired. Please see the attached link and download the .pdf file provided by Building Science to read about all of their findings. This is the most straight forward and valuable documentation I have been able to find about basement finishing techniques.

Here is a link that might be useful: Basement Insulation Systems

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The biggest (and perhaps only) advantage to the Owens Corning system is speed of installation. It's cleaner too because there's no drywall to deal with.

I am a DIY guy so this seems really expensive.

Your price per square foot doesn't include labor, overhead, or profit. Certainly businesses have to pay their employees and are entitled to make a profit. It's not really comparing apples to apples.

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I have read all the comments here.

We too had the OC people to our home.

Contrary to what has been said here, there was no high pressure tactics at all. We were given a price that was guaranteed not to change for a year, and while we were hesitant, we were able to get them to commit to a lower figure, using their "Showcase" program. While we wouldn't let them use our home for an "Open House", we let them take pictures, wrote a letter, etc.

Their product is much more expensive than drywall, and wood studs, but the whole point was to get a basement that didn't accept mold, and this product was designed to do exactly that.

We brought out our laptop while he was there, because I was shocked at the initial estimate, and researched numbers in front of him. While he seemed unnerved at this, I was actually (Unfortunately) able to substantiate what he was telling us.

Finished basements can cost as much as $75.00 a square foot, and you still have to live with the moisture issues, even if you have an intricate curtain drain system eliminating any flooding concerns.

Our decision was based upon health, and the absolute elimination of ANY mold or mildew issues.

As for re-sale?? This is our home. I will worry about that in another twenty years or so, but as we have teenagers, there has been spills, and this system is as easy to clean as they say.

And the post about hanging pictures being difficult?

Our entertainment system has nine speakers, with most of them hung directly into, and onto their wall coverings. We haven't had any issues.

I understand why a "Do it yourselfer" may be shocked at the figures, but then why would you even have them over in the first place?

You each have to make your own decisions, but ours wasn't made from high pressure.

We had many water issues in our first five years here, and after tearing out the drywall just to find the source of the leak, simply removing these wall panels and snapping them back in was a pleasure.

We love ours.


    Bookmark   July 10, 2010 at 9:21AM
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What I'm surprised about is the fact that there seems to be no equivlent system such as this for DIYers. We've been looking for some time, and haven't been able to find anything.

Has anyone else tried something other than greenboard - drywall - and finishing and painting it?


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To the ones with a good sales experience consider yourself lucky. I have to say ours was horrible after 2 hours of telling them NO I had to threaten to call the police which still did nothing until I started dialing. I agree the product is really good but overpriced and the sales tactics are horrible.

    Bookmark   February 19, 2011 at 7:44PM
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No high pressure sales from our meeting. Know what you can afford before going into ANY negotiation and those "high pressure sales tatics" don't seem so high pressure. NEVER FINANCE this system. If you can't pay cash, don't enter into a binding contract.

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Can the basement system be painted? I moved in to a house where that was done.

    Bookmark   April 28, 2011 at 10:45PM
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I've seen those fabric panels and if they got painted it reduced the acoustic effectiveness of the panels. OC has a lifetime warranty on them but don't know if painting voids it...A friend had that system put in and he loves it. The fabric picks up different colors differently and goes with anything. It's a rec room/TV room. OC has been around awhile and I'm sure that any negatives are because of stupid salesmen...happens in all types of businesses. If you had a bad experience, let the company know...

    Bookmark   August 15, 2011 at 6:01PM
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Glad you have a friend who loves it. It is a damn good product with a horrible sales crew and the pricing is stupid high. If you question over 70 other peoples experiences make a phone call and see what you witness. Be prepared to threaten someone with their life or to call the authorities to get them to leave. I thought I was going to have to claim my sales people as dependents... they would NOT leave. I threatened to call the authorities which irritated them. I finally had to give the option of walking out or meet the owens corning body bagging system before they left.

Oh yeah I called Owens Corning and left them a email and was totally blown off with a lame 'we are so sorry' excuse that they are not in control of the sales people as they are not 'owens corning' employees.

    Bookmark   August 20, 2011 at 7:28PM
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I just had the "proposal" done tonight.

Wow. 3hrs and 15 mins of complete BS. I read these reviews and knew it would probably be like buying a used car and I'd get hit with a huge estimate, but damn!

First off, I had to convince him and his boss that I call the shots on the basement. He insisted that he return when my fiancee was there. I'm like no way, it's now or never.

He asked me some questions, then ran his numbers in my 19x20 basement for over an hour. I checked on him once in a while, it was very strange.

when he finally came back up, he showed me a stupid powerpoint with interviews and how the company is so great, and they invented all this crap. c'mon, really?

so i'm thinking he'll come back @ 15k, but not much higher. I almost floored when he quoted 36k !!! and the list of crap he gave me was unbelievable.

but the biggest shocker was the sales tactics - he would knock of 6k if i let them have a home presentation; basically they use my house for the day to show off my new basement to the neighbors, is this guy for real? BUT! this offer expires 2nite, talk about pressure! a real contractor comes back with an estimate, no jerking around or whatever. so unprofessional its absurd.

so yada yada yada i pretty much made up my mind, but i played along. he was a nice enough guy, but he was such a used car salesman it was rediculous.

the whole experience was downright comical, and i'm surprised this company hasn't gotten hit with a ton of complaints (or maybe they have).

i'm looking forward to the follow up call tomorrow to speak my mind....

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FYI - many of them do a hard credit pull when you accept their offer to have someone come to your house

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comeplete rip off , had water come in thru widow wells and basement was flooded about 4inches deep and totaly stained panels , called owens corning 8-12-2011 and evey other day till 9-14-2011 and she left me a message that "I'M ON THERE RADAR" no call back number was left and on the caller id was PRIVATE .today is 10-13-2011 and still no call back, THE ONLY WAY I GOT A RESPONCE WAS TO FILL OUT A FREE EST. ON THERE WEB SITE AND LOW AND BEHOLD GUY FROM DA home improvement called the next day. that was/is the only way to get ahold of them. WTF is with that ? its been 5 years since install and it is falling apart , this owens corning basement is total CRAP !!!!!. TRY CALLING THEM YOUR SELF. WHAT A S@#% HOLE COMPANY AND PRODUCT. the sales man made all these promises about cleaning it and how durable it is, what a joke! man from DA home improvement came buy and very nice guy but said nothing was covered, he said WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL OWENS CORNING BEFORE REMOVING THE PANELS TO DRY OUT? they need to dry out in the mounted position or the fall apart. 2 month's and still no call back . STAY AWAY..... blew 27 grand on total JUNK. better to spend 6 grand on stick and dry wall , cheaper to replace. THE END.

    Bookmark   October 13, 2011 at 10:57AM
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follow up to the post above , origanaly done by J & E basement sys.LLC. been out of business for years. wonder why ? . was on owens corning basement systems web site and read that the panels are stain and dent resistant , that is total BS. mine are stained and falling apart, when guy from DA HOME IMPROVEMENT came buy he said the will SELL me cleaning products for $600 . WHAT A DEAL !!!! Only $600 for something that is stain resistant. wish i could post pictures of the basement system that is total CRAP. DO NOT THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY ON THIS JUNK. HOPEFULLY i CAN SAVE SOMEBODY FROM THE SAME MISTAKE I DID .

    Bookmark   October 18, 2011 at 12:55PM
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Trust me, if you are refinishing your basement use this system. No mold, no mildew, no smell, no echo. Hands down the best product on the market.

    Bookmark   October 29, 2011 at 5:08PM
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TRUST ME !!! this s#%t is JUNK !!!! have pic's to prove it. dont get it wet , dirty/stained or have small kids. refinance your house to pay for JUNK.

    Bookmark   November 3, 2011 at 10:26AM
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Check us out on flipping Boston the house that Dave build you can catch the reruns or go to on demand on A& E. And get ready for another 7 episodes with us featured as the basement finishing experts and the only choice when it comes to finishing a basement. As you would assume remodeling a basement could be challenging and it is if it's not something that you do on a regular basis. It's important to work with a basement remodeling company that understands not only how to build your basement but it is even more important that they can design your basement. Home owners can become confused when researching building products and what are the right products and how it should be built. This is where we come in at Kaks Home Improvement the exclusive dealer of the Impressive Basement System we are basements this is all we do every day all day. With hundreds of finished basements installed in and around Boston Massachusetts New Hampshire and Rhode Island using our proving methods we continue to impress. With all happy customers that continue to support us and make us who we are today so tune in and check out our basement finishing systems in action. For more information check us out on the at

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This reminds of EverDry waterproofing, when I had some water leaks in my basement. they came out and did the Same BS. stayed for like 1.5 hours, gave me a quote for 25k to do a basement water proofing system.

After that they would continue to call at like 8 and 9 pm. Finally scared them off.

    Bookmark   May 17, 2012 at 10:16AM
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Just got a quote yesterday. Talked the guy down about 11k between what I really needed and what he wanted to give me..etc. scheduled for a July install. Will keep you posted on my progress

    Bookmark   May 19, 2012 at 2:18PM
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Here we go by Kaks155. another reality B.S. show. of coarse im SURE your not getting payed anything from the #%$# HOLE company that owens corning basement system IS.Made just for TV. KAks155 hide behind your key board name . will be posting on youtube the GREAT OWENS CORNING BASEMENT SYTEM after 5 years and little water damage , what YOU can expect!!!! DONT BE FOOLED ! JUNK,RIP OFF , JUNK. billbowman

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Had a salesman for the company last night on my house. the whole presentation took from 7:30 to midnight. It was really good and we loved the product.
When came the price I didn't like that much, and than suddenly the phone calls and the open house BS came into place. They gave me a 10k discount if I signed that day. If you have that much room to give people 10k discount I feel sorry for people that sign the contract right away. They getting really ripped off. I'm more like a DITrier than a DIYer, but I think If I do it my self I will save at least 15k on my basement.

The worst thing is that the guy was super friendly, but when we declined the "super ultra mega deal" his attitude changed and he got really rude. That p*** me off a little bit.

Looking for other options now.

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I just met with OC last week and was shocked at the price. We are looking to have our 700 sq. ft. basement done and started calling around for estimates. We had two visits from OC the first they took measurements gave a soft pitch. I was looking for the whole basement however OC told us that they whole basement would be âÂÂtoo muchâ space for us, and we needed space for storage. I explained that we have a 2 car garage with a loft for storage and asked for pricing for the half and the whole.
When OC returned it was an hour of pictures and sale pitch before we got to the price. When we did get there I was shocked (even after reading online posts) for 400 sq. ft. it was 40 K and for 590 sq. ft. 62 K. I told them that the pricing was way out of whack for what we were looking for ( Drywall, carpet, drop ceiling, lighting, and outlets), we went back and forth the final 72 hr price, special discount, etc. was $30 for half. I told him I was getting other offers and would get back to him but that was still much higher.

Another note was that the 590 was the whole basement. They only gave pricing for half and then three quarters, when I asked why OC still insisted that I needed storage so if I had done the whole thing it would be like 80K.

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