dampness on basement walls

keith13January 14, 2008

I just finished taking off the old studs and insualtion from one wall in the basement. There was a small area that was damp. Couln't see any water other than a different colour on the cement blocks. I think this dampness came through the blocks near the outside downspout. I must tell you that the wall has been up for more than 30 years and the basement has always been dry. Besides working on the outside of the house with a sealer has anyone experienced an inside sealer for the cement walls such as RADON SEAL or some other similar product that has worked well. I know this may only be a band aid but I'm sure there are sealers out there now that do a pretty good job.


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Don't know about sealers, but you might want to take a look at joists in that area for signs of moisture, which might indicate that water is entering higher up than you think. I worked on a house where the water backup from the 2nd floor gutters got behind the exterior wall up top (older home with no drip edge at roof) and traveled down to the basement. In that case, the water stains were a couple feet above grade, indicating the water wasn't coming from the ground level.

Of course, check the grading and extend the gutter spout a couple feet away from the foundation.

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