odd hole developing in cement floor

raee_gwJanuary 29, 2010

Hi--I had noticed over the past, maybe year or so, a small spot on the cement floor of my 70-year old basement. It always looked like a wet spot--about the size of a nickel--and I assumed that it was a stain, it didn't change when I swept the floor, and never paid much attention. If it hadn't been close to the litter box I never would have noticed it.

Today I noticed that it was larger,now about the size of a quarter, and looked like there was something there--I scraped it and the cement was soft and crumbling. seemed damp ( hard to say, maybe it was just cold) and easily gouged out! so now I have a hole in the cement floor, or would have if I kept digging!

What could be going on here? This spot is about 4 feet away from the floor drain, and probably also 4 feet away from the exterior wall. I have had the interior perimeter drains redone many years ago and a sump pump which is working. The basement has been dry since that work was done.

What sort of contractor do I need for this?

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Sounds like you had a hole there and it was patched up with something. you could go to your local hardware store and buy hydrolic cement, mix it up and patch the hole. That should take care of it for you. Hope this works

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