Question about vacuum cleaners

sandraleaveyMay 18, 2005

Had a question about vacuum cleaners. In a fairly small apartment, my roommate and I had decided to get one of those broom vacs, but it doesnÂt seem to pick up anything, except for maybe on the linoleum in the kitchen! We donÂt have a lot of room, but weÂd like something easy to handle, easy to store, AND, last but not least, that actually CLEANS!!!

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Miele has a very good rep; they make a stick vac.

Dyson makes good vacs; they stand up in the closet, though they're bulkier than a stick vac. But they'll also give you many more options

I love my little Riccar canister--wow, is it strong! It tucks into a corner of the closet, but of course it's bigger than a broom style. Still, it's not THAT huge. When I got it a few years ago, it was only $350, but I think they're a lot more now.

If you want something that really cleans, you need to pay some money for it. Minimum $250, to $350. You can of course spend more, but it may not be necessary.

If you have carpets, this extra power, plus a decent beater head is important--a broom, no matter how well made is not going to cut it.

And if one of you spends the money, that person can take the vac with them and will have it for 10 years or so. Take a deep breath, and start saving up.

believe me, it'll be worth it! You use this tool weekly (I hope); get a good one.

(you might also ask over at Appliances, or at Cleaning; there are Hoovers & Eurekas that aren't bad, though don't rely on the name alone, they make low-end machines as well as good ones)

Here is a link that might be useful: dyson vacs, get reconditioned for under $300

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My boyfriend and I had a similar problem- had a stick vac and hated it! Our "baby," Tabitha the spoiled kitty cat, sheds hair all over the place, so for Mother's Day, my boyfriend got me a little pink Roomba! It's a robotic vacuum that cleans by itself, and the pink one benefits a breast cancer foundation (I think Komen?). We've had loads of fun just watching it go! Anyway, it's really compact, cleans well, and is easy to take care of. We have hardwood floors and some carpet, and it seems to work good on both. Price, I think, is about the same as above... maybe slightly cheaper. Good luck!

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consumer reports did a thing on vacuums in recent months. maybe you could get a copy of it at your library. one of their best buys was around $80 if i remember right. there were several below $200. i'm fussy about vacuuming too because I am allergic to dust and mites and everything else that blows up from the carpet. we got one of their recomended ones at ~$150 (sorry I'm at work and can't remember the model!) and I'm very happy with it.

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For a small apartment and roomate situation I would go with an upright Hoover or Eureka. They both work fine to great (depending on which model you buy) and if you two decide not to live together anymore, there wont be a huge fight over who gets the vacume. ;)

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Don't get the Oreck Electrikbroom. It has no power what so ever. It has a retail of $99. Not worth it. Got it for free and now it is a waste of space in my closet.

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