Subletting to exchange students

artamnesiaMay 9, 2007

I just wanted to share something funny while I'm going nuts trying to get my apartment rented.

My SO and I have found a house and are moving there at the end of the month. My landlords have been really great and have told us that if we can find suitable tenants that they can take over our lease rather than making us sublet.

I think I made a mistake by listing the apartment on a subletting bulletin board because most of the people responding are summer visitors looking for furnished apartments and unfortunately, our place is going to be left completely empty.

I've been really surprised to get repsonses from about 6 different groups of Irish people looking to stay for the summer and work at a tourist venue. At this point, I'm letting people know right away that there is absolutley NO furniture in the place. But this is after I went back and forth with one young guy numerous times and I'm still not sure we have an understanding. Here's his latest email. Hello again (you'll be sick of hearing from me),

Call this stupid or an attempt at Irish charm!! I was jus inquiring into

whether there is any chance whatsoever you could get a few simple

furnishings for us before we got there? I'd only be talking 4 matresses, a

couch maybe or few chairs or the likes. Nothing major. Obviously we would

re-imburse you completely and give you extra for your help. We are bit stuck

you see, as our exams start on Monday and we would like to have accomadation

sorted before then. We are finding it very hard to get accomadation from

here you see and have been trying for nearly month now.

I fully understand you not being able to help us, but as my grandad says,

'you get nothing if you dont ask'!!!

I have to say I feel for the kid, but I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint him.

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could you give him the phone number of a rental place? Some of them rent furniture.

Of course, they could sleep on the floor until they could buy their own cheap-o stuff.

Poor guys!

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Tell them inflatable mattresses don't take up much space in a suitcase :-)

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you could go to the local salvation army thrift store and find them and sofa or a few chairs for next to nothing. I know at our local store thats what alot of the colege kids do to firnish the apartments they rent. often there are things there that are old, ugly and out of style or ar too hard to match to anything that they sit in the store so long the store prices them "Make Offer" and they will take 5 or 10 bucks maybe less.

I don't see mattresses at thrifts but at walmart in the camping section one can get an inflatable mattress in queen size with a powered pump for $35 you could buy them some or tell them where to find it for purchase. your sub-letters could get many of the things they need for house keeping at thrift store

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What jumps out at me in this guys email is the 'offer to reimburse' you. This sounds a bit like a 411 scam.

The whole email does not sound legit. Their exams start on Monday??

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Boy, are you cynical! He was just saying that he didn't expect something for nothing (and sounded pretty desperate as exams were approaching) and validly asked to have something available so they could get some sleep.

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Cynical? I'll take that as a huge compliment.

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I am not sure where you are, but you could suggest to them looking at to find cheap/free furniture. It is what I did when I moved to Canada for a summer sublet.

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