Old silver?

lindacFebruary 14, 2010

Is this for real?

Here is a link that might be useful: marrow scoop?

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What part do you think is unreal:

Marrow scoops did exist. YOu scoop the marrow out of roasted bones and spread it on toast. It's quite good.

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In the old days, only infants drank milk. So calcium in the diet came from other sources including marrow, a very nutritious food.

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But, but.....$413!!!!

That marrow better taste good ~ lol.

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I have a copy of an old catalog for this pattern &, yes, the marrow scoop is real. I'm not surprised the auction brought this much money - most American companies of this era didn't make this piece. I think it's maybe the first one I've ever seen.

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Yes the price is for real, they are quite rare & silver collectors really like them. I have sold several Irish double ended marrow scoops over the years, for quite a bit more than that one.

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A bone marrow scoop would command a much higher price than other pieces because of its rarity. It was a useful item that was relatively rare. Not many folks bought these. I recall my mother using a spoon handle to dig the marrow out of large bones.

A marrow scoop has little use today with the majority of people buying their meats from the counter in a store. It was needed when folks prepared and cooked (at home) large boned animals such as hogs, beef, sheep, and deer.

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I've seen marrow scoops but never in a "pattern" and never one so recent....
Would have loved to had bought it...butt hat $00 will buy many other things...
Hester thanks for the info....that is my daughter's pattern....so I will take pictures of a couple of things she has and ask your opinion....when I get back from Florida.
Linda C

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Shocking price for one that's only a little over 100 years old, and stamped out of a mechanical press at that. Goodness. I have hand-wrought marrow scoops from the 18th c., more than twice the age of that, by famous makers, which are not priced much higher than that. So, no, I can't see why such a recent scoop would be fetching that price.

Also, marrow was a delicacy at some tables, hence the pretty sterling scoops. A utilitarian object used in the kitchen isn't likely to be sterling.

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