Lining oven with aluminum foil causes warping ??

fwhartfordJanuary 30, 2009

My sister's GE appliance guy came over to replace her brand new GE Monogram oven because the bottom of it was already warped after two weeks of usage! It seems that with a hidden bottom heat element, you cannot line with aluminum foil as it acts as a heat conductor, trapping heat underneath the foil which cannot escape and therefore, causing the floor of the oven to warp/bend with the excess heat. When they removed the top layer of aluminum, that extra sheet (as it takes two sheets to cover most ovens) was "welded" to the oven floor.

Anyone else heard of this or have had this happen?? Lining with aluminum seems to be a fairly common practice but it seems with a hidden element you can't now.

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You can't line the floor of any oven without having problems

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Our oven manual specifically says don't line with aluminum foil. There was an earlier thread about oven damage from doing this.

To help protect the oven from spills, it's better to place a baking dish on a sheet pan, which could have aluminum foil or a sheet liner on it. In a convection oven, you could place the sheet pan or aluminum foil on a rack positioned a slot below.

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Our manual says the same. My wife and kids laugh at me, but when I put a pan or foil on a rack a slot or two below what I'm cooking I call it a "diaper".

What's the best way to removed cooked-on messes from oven racks that can't be left in during self-cleaning?

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My grandmother cleaned oven racks by placing them in a trash bag of appropriate size and tossing in a dose of ammonia, let site overnight, or longer as needed.

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Fori is not pleased

A bad idea, yes, but I doubt it would make the floor of the oven warp. No way can a piece of aluminum make hot hotter.

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Dadoes is correct. Ammonia works well. I soak paper towels in ammonia and leave them lying on the racks for a couple of hours (out on the patio) but it's mostly elbow grease. But I really only have to do it once a year, if that. I'm careful to not overfill pans or baking dishes.

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Aluminum foil reflects heat back at the element as well as conducting heat away. Since foil has so little mass and is so close to the bottom element, it contains the heat and that starts to damage the finish. Then the foil melts and really messes things up.

I wonder why oven appliance makers don't simply put an eye catching warning sticker in their products. Something like: Don't put foil here you lazy, illiterate, ----.

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Rather than call the costumer names, it would be nice if they could figure out something like a silicone mat that can be popped out of the bottom and easily cleaned.

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I know I'm a guy, but I have to ask why one would put foil inside a self-cleaning oven?

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You line it so you don't have to use the cleaner very often. In older ovens, that were actually made better, it wasn't a problem, but these newer models, you can't do it. My manual also says to not do it, and also don't get it on the stovetop, it will melt.

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They sell silicone liner mats for the oven floors. I personally don't line my oven and never have. If I have something that will potentially boil over, I put it in a large clay pan to catch the drips. If it does drip, I use a wet rag to clean the bottom while the oven is still hot. I also put hot water in my oven to loosen up the tough bits and just wipe it down instead of running the self clean.

Good luck!

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I have been searching high and low on the internet to see how to clean off the foil from the bottom of my ne GE Monogram oven. (I found your forum on Garden Web) I like your sister thought it was the right thing to do...protect the bottom from dripping cheese off the frozen pizza. At first I thought that the foil was my only problem and then this morning I noticed the bottom of the oven was warped. GE is sending out a service technician next week.
I was wondering if your sister had to pay for a replacement or did they handle it under warranty? Also if you could tell me anything about your sister�s experience that you think would be helpful? My concern is they say the damage is not covered since I put the foil on the bottom. Interesting note, I only used a small amount of foil and it was on the bottom loose. I am amazed that an expensive oven would be so sensitive and that they would not have put a large sign somewhere that states: "do not use foil on bottom of oven as it may cause serious damage to your new oven.
I really would appreciate any insight you could offer.

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