Please help with my floor plan

shinyredthingsMay 27, 2010

Hi everyone,

We recently moved into our apartment and well, its a bit of a weird shape, with few usable spaces. We really need a hand with our floorplan - I've uploaded it as a .pdf here -

If you have any recommendations, that would be fantastic!

Added info:

- the cube in the middle is our walk in wardrobe, which is only seven feet high (does not go to the roof)

- The light in the corner of the bedroom is our 'dawn simulator' so needs to stay near the bed

- The rear wall where the bed head currently is is dark grey, the wall behind the couch is bright red, and everything else is cream.

- The only light in our apartment comes from the one window and glass door facing the courtyard

- Yes, those are bar stools at the kitchen island as we don't have room for a table.

We are considering swapping the bedroom to the front of the apartment (with the most light) however would appreciate recommendations/advice on whether this would be weird or not. This would mean using the 'utility room' off the kitchen as the wardrobe (currently storage, we don't have a washer or dryer) allowing me to set up an office in the current wardrobe which is much bigger.

We've come to an agreement that the couch and the TV cabinet (and TV) need to be as parallel as possible - he doesn't like the TV being angled on the stand. Yes, we've tried putting the sofa diagonally across the lounge room but it was too cluttered and the flow was wrong.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!


Rachel & Craig

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Hi, I think you'll get more responses from the Decorating forum here - this one's about problems dealing with other tenants, landlords, etc. etc.

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I agree that the Decorating Forum will be a fount of ideas for you.

Some questions: if you move the bed to where your living space is now, how will you feel about guests entering straight into your bedroom? When you entertain, do people hang out in the kitchen area? If they do, when you move the furniture, they will be sitting on your bed and otherwise occupying what many people consider to be a private space. If you are okay with this, then go ahead and move the furniture so that the space works for you.

About the TV and sofa--do you need to keep that sofa? I'm wondering if replacing the sofa with a small loveseat and two chairs would allow you to put the TV cabinet on that angled wall, put the loveseat in front of it and the two chairs on either side of the loveseat. I can't tell from just the floorplan if that would work in terms of traffic patterns.

Could you wall mount the TV on the wall where the couch is now and move the couch over by the wall?

And I'd say go ahead and switch the wardrobe and utility room, no matter what else you do. It sounds like the best use of the space for you.

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I just happened to stop by here from the home decorating forum. I can't see the floorplan though, can you re-add it to the post. Photobucket and tinypic are great for this.

Just from your posts, I don't think there's anything wrong with swapping the room. The only issue that there might be is if the kitchen is really close to the bedroom. Usually it's not too wise to do this because of the noise and smells from a kitchen. I say, don't worry too much on how a room is defined. It's perfectly okay to redefine it for your purposes (within reason).

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Oh, just took time to load, I'll report back after I study your floor plan.

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Okay, I've had time to review.
First of all, I would not switch places with the living room unless you never have guests over and this would be a good case of where the noise would bother whomever is still sleeping if you have a partner.

Secondly, there are two best options without angling:
The first would be to put the sofa backing up to the bar stools and the cabinet straight across. This would mean that the passage would be on that long wardrobe wall and hopefully that's around 24".

Th other arrangement would be to put the tv against the wall the sofa is on and put the couch in front of the door. This would be the best arrangement if you could put the tv on the wall to save walking room.

If you still want to put your closet in the space by the kitchen, you still can. I think the wardrobe would make a great office.

Sorry, there aren't too many options.

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