My downstairs neighbor complains about my walking

shadow44May 30, 2010

Hi Everyone, I joined here hoping to get some answers to my problem. I have lived here for the past 3 years. Nothing with me has changed except in January I asked my neighbor not to run his exhaust fans 24 hours a day because of the noise and because of the cigarette smoke coming up here. His response, open your windows! But he did stop running the fans. Since then he has complained to the landlord several times because I walk around in my apt at night. The only thing I do is get up to use the bathroom and go to the fridge for a drink. Last month I agreed to wear padded slippers when he is home. Well a few days ago he told the landlord I was out picking trash from the dumpster and struggling to bring in a microwave in the middle of the night. This was a bold faced lie. My landlady is 72 y/o she told me to try and sleep at night. I said to her," Now wait a minute. This is infringing on my rights now. I dont ever play the tv loud and I dont own a stereo. I'll be damned if he will dictate my bedtime! I am 44 y/o I dont need a father!" I decided to write this man a letter and I let him know to stop trying to control me. I asked him why he is so obsessed with me? I told him this was harassment now and that maybe he should buy earplugs or a white noise machine. I already purchased slippers for him I hate wearing. I hope that since I was assertive he will stop now. Is my walking an infringment of "Quiet Enjoyment"? I was going to ask to swtch units, but I am happy here. If he doesnt like it maybe he should move. He has lived there for 15 years and I have been told he has gotten several people kicked out of here for noise complaints. But is walking a legit reason for complaining? I am not a stomper. For a while after his first complaint I was literally walking on my tip toes. He still found a reason to complain though. When ever he is home when I shower he goes in his bathroom and continuously flushes his toilet. He is in his 60's. This is so childish. I am disabled and I am home everyday except Mon and Fri when I go to therapy. I am at my wits end here. Does anyone have any ideas for me.

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Well, my suggestion would have been to try and get along with him, but the letter you wrote probably made doing that harder, not easier.

Talk to your landlady again. Tell her that you are trying to be a good neighbor, but that you cannot stop walking in your apartment.

Is there anything you can do to cut down on the sound of your footfalls? Putting down an area rug, even over carpet, can help to muffle the noise.

Make a case to your landlady. You have purchased the slippers, you are putting down an area rug. Does she have any other low-cost solutions that you can put into use?

If he still complains, you can point out to your landlady that you have tried the slippers and the area rug; now it is his turn to try something, perhaps ear plugs or a white noise machine.

There has to be give and take on both sides.

Frankly, I wouldn't want to have to deal with this guy. If my landlord offered me a different apartment, I'd probably take it. I doubt that you can turn the situation around at this point. You will be dealing with this neighbor until one of you moves. Why not move now and be able to relax in your own home?

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Is there any chance you could claim your disability affects how you walk? Or that your disability causes you to have to urinate in the middle of the night?

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if she wants to stay up all night and walk in circles, that is her right!!!! some people sleep in the day and are awake at night!

as far as his exhaust fan is concerned, it is appropriate for him to use it all day, just like it is for the OP to walk. i use my window a/c 24/7.

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