Landlord's Out of Control Children & Lies

suelapMay 1, 2008

When I first went to see the apartment that I live in I entered into the side door of the house, entering a hallway with several doors. One of the doors was to my apartment. I asked the landlord what the other doors opened into and she stated a closet and the garage. I asked if there were other ways for them to access those areas and she stated, yes, of course.

As I began to move my items in I discovered that one of the door is, indeed, a closet but the other is to the children's play room, where they have television, video games, a computer, etc. The two children, 8 and 10 years old, spend all of their time in there, which would be fine, except they fight and scream all day and all night until 10pm. They bang against the door to my apartment while they are wrestling. I am not exagerating when I say, it is excessive!

I spoke with the landlord one time about it and she said she would speak with the children. It was better for about a week and now it's back to the same way it was.

Any advice?

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I have been in apartments for 5 years now..
and i have learned if i complain to much, i make enemies..
so i make do with what i have and found honey is better than vinegar lol
i chose to move in a community of PEOPLE
and it is a varity of all kinds of people!! lol
so i adjust, and make light.. and figure all things will not be for me and what i want
this is just ME.. you may be differnt.. smilesssssssss GOOD LUCK

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