Moldy Mildew Urine Stained Carpet and others?

bizketMay 20, 2010

Hi I am new here but I could use some advice from those with experience. First off I did not see the apartment (actual one) that is before I moved in nor did I know the laws regarding the 5 day notice etc.

Anyways I noticed as I was moving my stuff in that there was a strong anmonia smell so I thought it was just were they cleaned the carpets and it would go away. As I noticed it wasnt going away. I shampooed and steamed the carpets expecially my toddlers room (he is 3) and the smell became worse and more potent, stains began to show and pet hair was being pulled up by the heaps! It smelled bad of now a mix of mold, mildew, urine, anmonia etc. My son's room is the worst.

So far I have notified the landlord and more or less got the runaround well we will see and I never got a call back. I have notified her twice. Secondly I called some carpet cleaning places and they told me at this point it would need new carpet because the mold, urine or whatever else has probably seeped into the padding and possibly wood. They said that would be the only remedy. I also contacted the health department who hopefully should be calling me to come out in a week. I am still waiting to here back from them.

The smell in my bedroom smells musky as the carpet is old. So I sprinkled 4lbs of baking soda and I am letting it sit but it really isnt helping much. The living room isnt as bad but has that amnonia smell if you get close. My son's room is the worst and I am only requesting replacement in that room because first off it is nasty and makes me wanna puke in fact I almost did this morning. The carpet stays damp. I have been leaving the windows open as much as possibly but it still wont dry completely and the smell is even worse then when we first moved in.

So back to the landlord or lady int he office. She said the previous tenant had birds! That is a lie since the neighbors told me she had at least a dog maybe cats.

My son's room I believe is a health violation and if the health department find that it is can they force the company to replace the carpet?

Second its not in my subject but the porch off the sliding door the posts are around a foot apart and my son fits right through them and a friend told me by law they should be 4 1/2 inches apart. The lady at the office told me to put chicken wire around it! So I am going to mention that to the health department or where to direct this too. My son slide right out and headed for the road yesterday and I barely caught him as I had to run out the door to go 30 feet plus to catch up with him.

Any feedback or advice. I dont have money for a lawyer. Honestly I didnt expect this much of a mess. I didnt realize how much these people or any landlords for that matter could get away with I just assumed you had rights.

My son cant be in his room long. I worry too much about his health. He already has learning disablitlites and other problems.

Thanks in advance.

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I hope you havent made a mistake on calling the health dept. If I was to do that my landlord would be really P.O'd and would find ways to throw me out. You should have viewed the apartment before you moved in, my landlord is #1 Slumlord. Right now I'm also dealing with mold that he tells me to clean it with bleach. I have had worse than him in the past. You may just want to start looking for another place.

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