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problemsMay 29, 2007

We just moved in to our new apartment for one week. Me, my 2 yr. old daughter and my husband. When we are home, we cook, talk to one another or mostly watch t.v. Volume of 20-25. My daughter watches t.v with us and asks a lot of questions, or plays in her room with dolls and muscial toys, or she goes and play on the patio with bubbles. We end our days at the latest midnight. I think our noise level is not high at all, I know we are normal like everyone else. About 4 days ago some of the neighbors were partying outside very loud and didn't end the party untill midnight. No one complained. We didn't either. Today the landlord came and said that the neighbors said that my daughter is too loud on the patio. And we are too loud in the house. I am upset because we never had any complaint from anyone before, we are not ignorant and thinks about our neighbors and the noises we make we keep it down. I think that the neighbors just don't like us. Please give me some more information about what is appropriate and what is not about noises in apartments. Thanks

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I think this forum should be renamed the: (I)(My Neighbor) Makes Too Much Noise Forum.

If you read through the achives here you will find the same dilemma over and over. You won't get a definitive answer as the issue always has a different cast of characters with different personalities involved.

Maybe your neighbors are being unreasonable and think the world revolves around them, or that it should. Or maybe your daughter makes more noise than you think, and you are just use to it since she is your daughter.

From the tone of you post I believe that you are quiet people who are trying to be good neighbors. Continue to be "the good guys" in this situation and do not let tempers escalate no matter how unfair the situation is.

Solace yourself with the fact that eventually either they will move on, or you will be able to get a better place for your family with some saving and planning. In the meantime you may have to 'bite the bullet' and say "I'm sorry. I'll try to keep things down." I KNOW that will be hard to do but it will make the neighbors think they have "won" and lay off for a while.

Also find out if there is only a certain time of day that they are bothered by the noise. Maybe one of them has work hours that require a different sleep schedule than yours? I'm sure your daughter probably has times assigned for 'quiet' playtime' like book reading and crafts, and other times for her much needed 'high energy playtime' for just running around and being a kid. Maybe if you switch those times around? Of course maybe your neighbors are just being jerks and nothing will satisfy them.

I would suggest to start to document everything in case the situation escalates.

I wish you the best.

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Thanks for the follow up. We were pretty upset we never got complaints before that we are too loud upstairs. Also it wasn't the downstairs neighbors that were complaining. I would understand the walking noise and all. Also what kind of complaint is the little girl is too loud outside on the patio?
I went to talk to the landlord and he told me not to worry. He said that the buildings are pretty sound proof. He said that we weren't the only ones that people complained on. Some people were being too loud and not sharing parking spaces so they were told on. When our landlord went to talk to them they just starting babbling about other people about stupid stuff. I found out who lives next door. It's a younger girl she looks wild. So I figure we live with a bunch of imature young adults who got in trouble and are trying to use excuses like well the did this and they are like that. That's ok I told the land lord to come listen sometimes and than tell us if it is really too loud. I know we are normal. Thanks

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I'm glad to hear you have a landlord who understands the complexities of the situation, and is willing to communicate in a clear and friendly manner with you--and who is willing to approach people who make too much noise, even if it's you and even if the reason is a little exaggerated.

I'm sure your inborn consideration for others will help make it clear to your landlord that you are not the problem.

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