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zapatistaMay 27, 2008

I live in a wood frame condo building on the top floor. The reason I insisted on the top floor was because I didn't want people walking on top of me. Well, little did I realize the downstairs neighbors could be heard as well.

They have greatly improved since the first time I spoke to them, but sometimes they slam their front door, and occasionally the sliding door to the balcony. they even put weatherstripping around door frames, but when the front door is shut hard it is still loud.

It is a younger couple, a woman and a man, and of course the woman tends to be the careless one who slams the door coming in or out. Also, they love having company, so when that happens guests are also not as careful coming or going.

I have thought of several options including looking for a concrete building to move to, or carpeting my front entrance way since it is above their loud door.

I hesitate to speak to them again for fear of them thinking I'm being unreasonable. The guy was very nice about it, but I'm afraid of the woman, and since we have made progress I don't want to blow it.

Any advice, or stories from people who live in concrete buildings, or have had similar experiences? Thanks!

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I live in an apartment and have shared similar slamming of our front entry door. I tried woolpile softeners but they didn't work. Finally I invested in a 35.00 top mount hydrolic door closer. It slows the door down so it shuts just quietly. It was the best investment I ever made. I bought it at Home Depot.

Give it some thought.

All the best, The Porchguy

Here is a link that might be useful: My album

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Porchguy - it's not his own door he's complaining about!

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Well, I actually had a bit of a blow out with the neighbor about the noise, and they were good for a few days afterwards. Then last night at midnight, BANG! There went the front door again. It ws quiet after that but it was too late on a week night in my opinioon. now I'm not sure where I stand with them anymore.
How inconsiderate.

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The only way they're *never* going to slam the door is if they're *always* thinking about which case their thoughts about you would not be kind ones. Occasional noise is the price you pay for living in a multiple dwelling.

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I too had that problem at the old place. Intentionally slamming doors hard enough the whole place shakes. Never understood the point of it.

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I live in a concrete building and there is no difference. I also live on the top floor and the girl below me is renting and she has two kids that think the hall is their playground. I hear everything ! They walk like a hurd of cattle and she lets her kids (8 & 12) bang on the walls while she is sitting there eating and smoking. She never does anything and the door slamming is getting out of control. We spoke with the owner and he said he would talk to them but after that they just started back up again. I know call the police, well someone already has and was told that kids make noise. But this is out of control noise and there are other kids in the building and their very respectful kids and nice. The girl below me just doesn't care about the other people in the building. She also collects stray cats that spray and bought a bird that screams from 5am till midnight. The inside of the building smells like a very used litter box thats never been clean and We all hate having people over. We tried to talk to her about it a few time and we were very nice to her, but that didn't work. So a concrete building won't help when you have the neighbors from hell and their spawn.
Good luck.

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Thanks Kaina Lu. That helps to answer my question. instead of moving I think I'll look into ways of making my place better, i.e. extra drywall, maybe a little more carpeting with heavy padding.
I'm not glad to hear about your neighbor, but it's good for me to know it may be a waste of time to move!

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"I too had that problem at the old place. Intentionally slamming doors hard enough the whole place shakes. Never understood the point of it."

Maybe they were born in a barn?!

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i can understand the complaints
why....... do u think it is going to be so good living to perfection in a complex of PEOPLE
we choose to move in among others that is NOT going to live like we dooooooooooo
so making that choice.... i live in the aprts knowing i chose to come in together with others!!

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To the OP: I can feel for ya!

I do not rent, I own my own home and have THE SAME PROBLEM! Only the downstairs "people" are my son and daughter! My son punched the wall in the hallway (nice, I know) and now everytime they shut their bedroom or bathroom doors they slam incredibly loud. I asked them shortly after the punched in wall incident to close their doors more gently. But it doesn't work. You should hear the slamming when they get up in the morning!

My son is autistic and likely to damage the wall if patched again. We have patched other works of his as well but this wall job is a doozie. I can't see taking the time and money to repair it when I feel he'll turn around and do it again. So for now I'm living with the slamming but have taken an interest in this hinge that the porchguy mentioned. Thanks for the info!

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I'm wondering if you could talk to the landlord or building manager about having those 35.00 top mount hydrolic door closers put on all the apt. doors. I think they would think they'd be a great investment. Maybe even one month of an empty apt. (if you move out) would pay for it depending on how many apts. there are in the building.

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