basement steps along concrete wall HELP

supturb89January 20, 2013

Going to start finishing my basement in the next week. I live in Southwestern Illinois and plan on using 1" XPS on the walls and then stud/insulation/drywall over that. My question now turns to the staircase. The stairs are currently within about 1 inch of the concrete wall. The stringers, however, are right against the concrete wall. What are my options here? I'm thinking it's not a good idea to have the stringers against the wall how they are thinking it will draw moisture and lead to mold. The stairs as they are are 39" wide. Can someone give me some ideas? Thanks.

I have attached some photos.


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As long as you don't seal in the stringers with a polyethylene plastic barrier, they should be fine.

You might want to consider a mould resistant paperless drywall such as DensArmor Plus on the foundation wall next to the stairs.

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Thanks for the reply Worthy. Do you not think XPS is needed on the wall next to the stairs?

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XPS is needed on the wall next to the stairs?

Matter of priorities. Appearance or thermal efficiency?

If it's going to be a fully-finished basement, I would let that part of the wall go without. Otherwise, the drywall will hang over the stairs and will be next to impossible to trim neatly.

Working with older homes is a series of compromises!

BTW, an inexpensive low-pile commercial carpet will do wonders for that staircase.

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