Cree LR6 in a 7' ceiling - anyone with experience?

eoren1January 24, 2010

I'm cross-posting here in hopes of finding someone who has used these lights in a 7' ceiling. I'm having some trouble getting first-hand experience from the kitchen and lighting forums - figured most basements run 7 feet so thought posting here might be more appropriate.

I thought that I was set on using the Cree LR6 recessed lights in our kitchen (10' by 12' with a 7' ceiling). However, we visited a local lighting store (that consistently wins 'Best of Boston') and the lighting designer there strongly discouraged 6" cans given the height of our ceilings. She said the cans would look like 'big holes in the ceiling' and draw too much attention.

The cost difference between the Cree LR6 and their 4" and 5" versions is prohibitively large. If 6" is too large an opening, will likely have to change the plan to 5" halogen cans with the hope of replacing them in a few years time. Hoping someone out there with 7' ceilings can comment on having used these lights in that environment.



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