Recessed Lighting in basement

choneyskanesJanuary 31, 2006

We have very low ceilings in our basement (under 7 ft). We are finishing it and want to use recessed lights so nothing is making the cieiling even lower. We also want to use CFL bulbs.

Home Depot has a sale on 6 cans and 6 white baffle trims for $40. We were wanting to use a reflector trim but that would cost us about $25 more per 6 lights.

Any thoughts about this??

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We just installed 18 of those very same lights. Really brightened things up. I think you will be pleased with their performance for the price.

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I just bought 3 boxes myself. Have not put them up yet. Price seemed hard to beat - particularly with the trim included.

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We installed recessed lighting in our basement remodel and it looks terrific. But I them installed by my electrician and he warned me against the fixtures carried by both Lowes and Home Depot. Seems they can present a fire danger, especially when installed in the tight spaces between floors. I can't remember how much I paid for the ones (sealed cans?) he got from the electrical supply house but it was highly competitive.

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I had the same low ceiling so I put halogen wall sconces all around the room about every 12 feet. They shine up so it bounces off the white ceiling and lights the room up very nicely without the glare of the recessed cans.

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Home Depot HALOs are excellent lights. Lowes sells Junos, cheaper version of Halos ( made by the same company)

>"electrician and he warned me against the "

First CFL don't produce much heat, and even if HO
installed non CFLs HALOs rated to handle those.

They are No 1 installed by the builders brand in
my area. They can be converted to sealed with
diffent baffle.

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logicalone; So glad I did a search on basement lighting! Love the sconces in your basement and what a wonderful idea! We are installing mostly can lights but the sconces will add so much warmth and we have the perfect wall for 2-3 sconces.

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