Living in an apartment without being on the lease

sienna188May 21, 2008

I recently found this forum while searching google for some advice. My boyfriend and I want to get an apartment together but there are a few conflicting factors so I'm just going to list them:

-one apartment I found was perfect for the two of us and within our price range but upond looking over the application I see that they require us as individuals to meet the criteria for weekly pay that they have which is within $100 of the monthly rent price (this particular apartment requires you make $1100 a week). Are all apartment complexes like this? Can just his name be put on the lease but I am still allowed to live there with his permission? Are multiple family houses with apartments like this too or just large apartment complexes?

-if he rented an apartment and only his name was on the lease and we decided that we wanted to live together a few months down the road, what is the process for doing? Do all complexes or landlords require you to check with them first or are you allowed to have whoever you like there as long as your name is on the lease and you're giving them permission.

This all went from a pleasant experience to very stressful. I don't have a lot of credit history(nothing bad, just limited) and he has perfect credit history and get paid about $1500 a week so hes the only one that qualifies. I live in NJ and we would be staying in this area if we get an apartment together if this helps.

thanks so much in advance!

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Every management company is different.

When we moved into our last apartment they didn't require my husband to be on this lease, which was great for us because he was an over the road truck driver and wasn't going to be home for the first 2 weeks that I would be living there.

A few years later the complex was sold to a different management company, and they required that all residents 18 years old or older be on the lease.

We recently moved and since I qualified for the lease by myself, he doesn't have to be on it.

Of course I don't know if NJ has any laws that govern leases that might override my experience.


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My apartment complex requires all occupants over 18 years of age to be on the lease. In my case, only leaseholders receive access cards, keys, parking permits, etc., so it would be difficult to live here without being on the lease unless you didn't drive and only entered the building during daylight hours through the main entrance, as that's the only time/place you don't need a key or card to enter the building. So, not impossible, but certainly inconvenient. Also, it's grounds for eviction on many lease agreements.

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In CA, you have few rights if you're not on the lease. You might have to put down more security money, but for your own protection, you should be a signer of the lease.

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In my last apartment complex, anyone living in the apartment that wasn't on the lease had to be listed on the contract as a non-signing resident, but it did not affect the requirements at all. Of course, standard rule in Texas is that the leasee's need to have a minimum income of 3 times the rent in total, not per person.

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Yes, $1100 a week sounds right. Landlords want you to make at least 40x the rent. So if you take an amount and times it by 40 then divide by 52 weeks in a year it comes out to $1100 and change.

I've rented two apartments in New York City and both required that I make 40x the rent. However, in College, me and my two roommates wanted to get our own apartment because it was practically the same amount to live in the dorms. There were three of us total and the rent was $3595. Only two people could be on the lease and they actually allowed a third person, he was classified as an "occupant" We just had to fill out a "permission to enter" form which is found in most buildings in Manhattan and this would give him access to the building and access to our spare keys from the doorman if he locked himself out. Now for being qualified. Since we were in college you technically had to have "guarantors" since we were unemployed or had an internship. Guarantors have to make at least 80x the rent. Since we only could put two people on the lease, we chose two dads that made the most money. Unfortunately we didn't make it. However, management said we could just put our dads on the lease so the 40x rule would only apply. So our Dads had to make at least 143,800. So we were lucky because two of our dads put together made a little over 150k added together. Even if one dad made 50k and the other made 100k, it was still OK. The salary of the two applicants just has to ADD up to more than 40x the rent.

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The apartment complex I live in is a pain in the butt in situations like this.
My girlfriends packages have been refused multiple times bc she is not on the lease. She can't use the pool or gym. I recommend putting everyone who will live there (adults) on the lease

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U have a boyfriend, and not married. Here, U would both have to sign as if U were to break up, 6 months down the road the owner is stuck with an empty apt. If U R on the lease U would be libel for paying the balance if U wanted to stay. The landlord can evict U if U R not on the lease. I was a property manager 4 years and the average cost to the landlord to turn over an apt is, around 1 grand, providing the previous tenant has not trashed it.

Also this place runs a criminal background check, credit check, proof of renters insurance the day the lease is signed, and pro movers. In the past, when tenants moved in with Buddies helping, they would drag the furniture, on the carpet and snag it creating a run in the carpet, the length of the hallway. That's $$$ to replace.

The only 2 other things I can think of is if U R not on the lease, U would not B given a parking sticker for lot parking and U could not park in the lot. The manager checks during the night and has the unstickered cars towed. The other is a no "Squatter" policy. U can't move your unemployed cousin or your sister, going through a divorce as U have broken the terms of your lease so U can B evicted at the landlords whim..There are 3 moving out this week, due to this.

Good luck!

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