jasfindFebruary 26, 2012

Hi. A bit of info on samplers would be nice. The smaller one is from Dublin Ireland .App.22 X 24 1836. The other one is in silk ,1830 from Charlestown.Their hard to shoot with the glass over them . Anyone know app. value of them . Much thanks


Here is a link that might be useful: photobucket

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Where'd you get them? Hard to tell from the pictures which is the big and which is the little....presuming the one with the house is from Charleston....and how do you know that? Both signed? On homespun? Are all the edge motifs on the Irish one embroidered? What sort of stitches?

I have seen a couple of very VERY good repros....the only reason I knew they were repros is because the person qwho made one proudly admitted it.

If they are both embroidered on handspun, signed and dated....many hundreds of $$.
Linda c

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Hi Linda. The name on the Irish one is Martha Southwick. Age 13
The southern belle's name is Lucy D Stickney. Age 12.
To me ,it's amazingg that girls that young can do work like this.Also ,it kinda sad that they had to prove their "value" by doing so

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Alot of them are pretty pricey,Ive been looking at them the more detailed the more money it will be .But arent they neat.This was thier way of sewing learning A,B Cs,numbers

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Hi Bulldinkie. Last night all us "junk" hunters favorite roadshow was on. They had 4 samplers done by(supposedly) one girl in one year.That struck me as pure baloney.This little girl must have been stiching 24/7 ,365. Anyway the bigger(and much better) one that I have is 1000% more detailed than the "good" one on roadshow.I don't know how anyone can work with silk thread that thin. Thank you for the thoughts

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Detail alone doesn't determine the value of a sampler.....a huge part of the value is in the provenance.
There are several people who have internet presence dealing and appraising samplers. And the prices are all over the block!!

Why not email some detailed pictures to the people linked and see what they have to say.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: dealers

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Thank you Linda. I sent them the same shots,with a note stating that I would (if asked) send more

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Jasfind ... your samplers are probably reproductions of museum pieces.

I found another by Martha Southwick :)

And one by Lucy:

The are still samplers, and still great pieces of needlework, just not as old as you thought.

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Hey LAZYGARDEN. If that's the case ,so be it. Thank you

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