Induction and range hood

scotkightJanuary 6, 2014

I have a nice and powerful range hood (zephyr typhoon) over my gas unit in my current house. I'm looking at a new place and want to put in a 36" induction cooktop.

What CFM hood/fan blower is optimal in this situation, assuming a semi custom hood enclosure can be designed?

I'm assuming with the high efficiency and lower escaping heat and no o2 usage, the CFM required should go down. Exactly how much is really the question. Over 300cfm and we have to put in a MUA unit, and the builder wants a huge $$ for the upgrade past 300.

I had a OTR microwave before and hated it, loud and didn't really do anything well. I know it was "300cfm" but my reading here shows that the difference is night and day when you have a properly designed hood.

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Scot - I had the same issue and waited until after inspection to install - although it is a 300 it can boost to 350 and I didn't' want to deal with the issue and the local inspectors were saying 300 needs MUA as well.
I really dislike my Broan and wish I had bought the higher octane Kobe baffle.
I have a Wolf 36 induction although in this case, the smells came from the oven but a better fan would suck up the air as well.
The Broan only has one fan and it is on the left side - it has filters across the whole top but only one fan..
I baked 2 lbs of bacon yesterday with the fan on 300 CFM and things still smell like bacon⦠I cleaned the oven and plan to clean the filters as well but I think the bacon smell migrated to our banquette.
Safety is paramount - so you do need to verify your house ventilation needs.

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Required air flow rate is determined by the uprising velocity of the heated air/grease/water vapor from the cooking surface, the area of the aperture of the hood, and a factor that accounts for efficiency of the baffles in capturing the effluent. I recommend 90 cfm per square foot of aperture. For more on this subject, along with the MUA issues, search this forum and review the reference material that may be found at my My Clippings.


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