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misty2008May 5, 2008

I have lived in my apt. community for two years. For the last 6-7 months i have ben having problems with my neighbor. She does not work, I do. Her child is only home part time, mine is here all the time. she has a 16 yr old boy that she hangs out with constantly...she is in her early 40's. I have in the past spoke with both them about "playing" in the comon hall area (she lives below, in the back. he lives in the next building) late at night. they say i am bein an ol biddy. I have to get up for work at 4 am and so does my daughter. I ask for sunday thru thursday evening to please keep the noise down so we can sleep. at first they did. (that lasted for about a month) now for the last four months they have seemed to turn it into a game....i feel like i am being harassed. they constantly run in an out of the hallway talking very loudly, (walls are thin and so are the doors) they congragarte in front of my patio (i face the parking lot)bouncing basketballs, talking loudly, playing music from her car and it all seems to start at 9pm. I have two police reports on them from the past but now they do it for a minute then stop. then he runs thru the hall and slams doors then leaves not long enough for the police to catch them. Our apt mansager currently has ben here for a month, the last one didnt do a thing about anything and he was dismissed and the police were called in when there was noone here. now it has come to them bein sneakly destructive to my vehicle. bouncing balls off it, kicking things around in the parking lot and bouncing them off my car..(this i have witnessed and now have a mysterious dent in my hood)I have a huge gouge in the passenger side from a door but no paint....I know this did not happen anywhere but here becuase I have done nothing but work and come home for the last two weeks and at work there is a huge parking lot and i park in the back with noone around (i try to keep it nice i still owe alot of money) so now any complaints that i make is like starting over , the new guy has no knowledge of the past. but like i said it has become a game to them and a big stress for me. what should i do now? I try to be a good neighber and undrstand kids are kids and befor 9 i dont give a care about what anyone does or what kinda noise. I have a teen but I make her folow the rules and she does not disturb anyone, her and her friends keep it in the common area provided for everyone. I want my right to have a peacful night sleep so i can deal with my responsibiliteis as an adult without bein over tired and stress about stupid crap. The boys mother doesnt seem to mind he spends all his time with this older woman and not the other teens in the complex. maybe i am being weird but it is just odd to me that they spend all this time there are a couple issues, one that concerns me, the other that stresses me. hoping for some outside this time i just call the new manager and feel like i am constantly watching my property to catch them in the act, very upseting. I really do have other things to worry about than those two.

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Misty, I'm sorry I don't have any solution for you. I, for one, would not consider you an old biddy. That is just their way of showing you THEIR personality and the fact that they don't respect that you work for an honest living. One thing I have learned in life is that when people like that are disrespectful it is a reflection on THEMSELVES, not you.

I do find it odd that a teenage boy would be hanging with an older woman. Having two sons myself (ages 26 & 19) I am thankful that's a road we haven't travelled down. Obviously she has something to draw him there. Is he there during school hours as well?

That's a shame about the damage to your car. I wish you luck and a peaceful nights rest. Hopefully someone will post with good suggestions for you. I just wanted you to know I am on your side.

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The laws here (Canada) say that any serious noise can't be made before 7 a.m. Most people get up and going long before 9 a.m. and expecting people not to be busy before then is unrealistic. I also think that you need something else to do with your time besides worry about who's spending time with whom - for all you know the boy and woman do have a connection you're unaware of, but even if they don't, it's not your business - your "constantly watching your property to catch them in the act" is your choice, and not their problem, but if I saw you constantly watching me I'd ask a lawyer to send you an injunction to stop. It's unfortunate that you keep odd work hours, but you can't honestly expect others in a communal living situation (besides your own family) to honor your timetable. I think the bouncing balls (off your car) won't get any better if you keep pestering them - they may even look for other ways to annoy you (as you are obviously fairly easy to annoy). I know this all sounds pretty harsh to you, but you need to get some perspective, maybe a hobby, and understand you can't tell other people how to live if they're living within reasonable bounds. If they're too noisy in the hallways for any length of time then you have a valid complaint, but you can't dictate the other stuff.

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Just want to apologize - I mixed up 9 a.m. and 9 pm so ignore that jazz about 7 a.m.

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