Basement pole covers!! Help please!

nutmegxoJanuary 1, 2010

We just moved into a house with a large unfinished basement. We do not have it in our budget right now to have the basement finished but want to make some temporary improvements so that is a safe place for our children to play. We have 6 poles down there and they are yucky looking not to mention the red surface on them makes dust and it worries me that my kids are exposed to that. I am looking for wraps for the poles but everything I am finding on the internet is pricey ($150.00 per pole!!!)....being that this is a temporary fix until we finish the basement properly I am not wanting to spend gobs of money...6 poles are a lot!

I found Lolly Wrap online and that looks like $45.00 per pole which is still pricey considering what we are needing it for. If anyone has any DIY solutions or knows of where else to get wraps I would appreciate the input!! THANKS!

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How about paint? Sand off a bit of rust, brush on a metal primer then a coat of gloss white to fend off the little fingerprints. Spray paint is OK but it can stick up the whole house, so I discovered.

The kids could then paint twining vines and flowers on the white poles.

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thanks that is a cute suggestion about the twining vines! I was hoping there would be some kind of white plastic covers to snap right over them...LOL

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You can always just box them in using 1x lumber.

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I have seen where people take rope and wrap around it and it looks pretty neat. I have also rope lights wrap around the poles for extra light too and to cover the lights.

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