Limoges Plate Identification

theopratrFebruary 20, 2014

I recently came across some Limoges porcelain that my aunt gave me via my great-aunt.

Most of it was easily identified, but one piece in particular has been rather troublesome. (See attached photo, with inlaid proof marks from reverse.)

I am primarily interested in year of production, estimated price, &c.

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance!

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I know I have seen that picture before. He is a WWII French leader, but I just am not sure of his name.

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Obviously a commemorative plate - generals of France series perhaps?

This looks to be Philippe Pétain.

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edited to remove double post.

As to value, I don't know. Might have some crossover appeal - Limoges collectors, World War memorabilia buffs.

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Could be Charles de Gaulle.

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I agree with duluthinbloom, I think it's General Henri-Philippe Petain. He was a WW1 general, and the leader of the Vichy government of France in WW2 who surrendered to the Germans. I would speculate that the plate was made pre-WW2 as after the war for obvious reasons he was not popular and in fact was tried for and convicted of treason and imprisoned until his death in 1951.
Have a look at the photo on this webpage:

Here is a link that might be useful: Picture of General Petain

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