Hardwood Antique Desk (I Believe)

vanfurnFebruary 2, 2012

I have an item that I believe to be an antique. It is a hardwood desk, and I get the impression it was once a roll-top, though if there was a roll-cover, it is no longer part of the desk.

It is still a remarkably solid piece.

Any thoughts on its age / origins and possible value?

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Sure looks like oak to me. and it looks like the roll top and the interior cubby holes are missing. Probably 1920-ish....maybe later. Not a lot of value....maybe $50 if you find the right buyer.

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You can buy replacement tambour -- the roll-top slats that make it a roll-top desk -- at woodworking and restoration suppliers. Van Dyke's sells them, but they aren't cheap! If you want to restore the desk to use it, it might be worth it, but probably not if you are hoping to sell it on.

Here is a link that might be useful: Search for

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It almost looks like the top doesn't fit the bottom pieces. Could this be a married piece?

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It is possible. I know very little about its origins.

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I think the bottom pieces could be moved in and the top would fit then. It also appears to be missing the part which would go in the back of the two drawer pieces and hold them together.

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We have this same desk,ours has all the pigeon holes etc though,ours is a honey color,The top does go with bottom thats the way it is,needs some work,its called an S roll top,ours has 4 drawers on left 1 big and 2 smaller on right.ours was special because of its width smaller than most.

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It does look like the piece has been 'married'. The top does look like it's just sitting on the 2 bottom pieces. Along the front edge, the top appears to be set back a couple of inches from the edge.

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We had to move ours thats the way its made,you can see how it was built.Its like you have to put it where it belongs.The top,alot ofit is like ours.How wide?Mine is only like 4'wide.

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It's an extremely common 1890-1940s oak rolltop, without the rolltop part. Low end, used by secretaries and small businessmen.

Dating them is difficult, but it should have a typewriter lift behind the door to the right. If it it there and working, these can make a good baking center by using the lift for a big mixer and replacing the top with a flat countertop.

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