Plans for my walls...questions

bcrawfo2January 13, 2007

I live in Delaware...not too cold...but not always warm.

My basement had old paneling glued and nailed to 1x2s as furring. I removed the paneling and am now ready to move forward.

My plans are 1" rigid foam against the cinder block. Then wood framing (PT bottom plate) with fiberglass batts. Then drywall. Then Delta-FL with T&G plywood covered by carpet.

My problem:

The 1x2s were attached to the cinder block with cut nails. I removed one furring strip and then had to take the nails out. That was pretty difficult and also took a chunk of the cinder block out.

My question:

Would I be dis-served by just attaching the rigid foam to the existing furring? I guess I'd just use a thick bead of construction adhesive? And...I would need to make sure all the old nails are removed so they wouldn't pierce the foam?

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