Crumbling Brick Chimney Foundation

tmy23January 27, 2013

We live in a 130 year old victorian. the basement walls are stone, and not the problem. there is a chimney that passes up through the center of the house, 3 stories plus the basement. It also serves as the central "post" upon which the major central beam in the house rests. We've been in the house for 20 years, at some point prior, someone coated the brick with mortar, or some type of masonry coating. that coating has begun to pull away, and the bricks are deteriorating underneath. I guess the questions is what I need to do to come up with a plan of action.

thanks to any and all hwlp

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How deteriorated?
It sounds like you need someone experience in old house restorations to come in and inspect it.

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They coated the masonry for a temporary fix or to hide a problem. I agree with randy 427, and get at least 3 estaments / opinions

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