Where do I find official dishwasher noise ratings?

try_hardJanuary 16, 2008

Hello! A few months ago I found a website that lists all dishwashers and their energy consumption (I think it was on energystar.gov) but now I'm looking for a list of dishwashers and their decibel level. Does anyone know if such a list exists?


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I doubt such a list exists, but the top of the line Bosch's and their offshoots, such as top of the line Thermador (I think goes down to 42 db's)and the Gaggenau top of the line. These are probably the quietest of the European dishwashers that don't have a food grinder or macerator and dry without a heater.

If you want a macerator and heater you will get higher noise, although the best are still really good. Top of the line Kenmore Elites & KitchenAids both have models in the $1,400 realm with db's around 47-49.

There are any number of manufacturers that just list what level of quiet--such as level 4 or level 6. They may be very quiet at their highest rating, but they aren't specific.



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Oskiebabu -- I am so thrilled to see your response and I have to hijack my own post to ask you about your GE Monogram 36" induction cooktop. As best I can recall, you have had it since October. Would you mind giving me an update on what you think of it? I plan to install the Profile version of what you have. I think you said you put doors under your cooktop - how much clearance did you allow for under the cooktop? What do you store under it? I'm frustrated by the whole "needs 12" of clearance" issue but I really want this particular cooktop for its looks, price, features, and availability.

Now -- regarding the dishwashers. I'm looking at the Electrolux which is rated at 53 db, according to their website. It will be installed in an island. I'm concerned about noise. We mostly chose the Electrolux for its appearance - it matches the oven we selected, but we also like its interior layout and price.

I have always had dishwashers with food grinders. Regarding those that don't have grinders, is cleaning out a food cup terribly gross?


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list of dishwashers and their decibel level. Does anyone know if such a list exists? Never in my experience.

Regarding those that don't have grinders, is cleaning out a food cup terribly gross? Not really. I take mine out every couple of weeks, rinse under running water, replace. Takes a minute or less.

As to noise, you could line the sides of the opening with noise reduction material. High-end car audio dealers sell the stuff in sheets. Don't use open-cell foams, as they can absorb moisture, and create a breeding ground for mold.

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I used the "official" decibel ratings when making my decision. My Asko 3232xlfi was supposed to be extraordinarily quiet. I think it was a rating of 45 or 48 decibels -- a level below the hum of quiet conversation. Well, guess what? It's NOT. I had Asko repair come out TWICE to check it. They said "that's within normal sound levels." SO...I'm not sure how accurate the noise rating are, but there's nothing wrong with my installation according to the pros. I chose this machine specifically because ours is an open plan kitchen with an attached family room and I didn't want to hear the machine run while hanging out in the family room. What a dissapointment! Some people with the same machine report theirs is silent as can be, but unfortunately, that's not what I have found and I did ALL the research before making the decision to purchase it.

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no list exsists.

dB ratings can be tricky. Much depends on who's doing the testing and HOW they are measuring the sound.

your sound mileage will vary depending how you install a particular unit.

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May not be an issue in your local, but we bought a supposedly quiet dish washer. I will say it is better than the one it replaced in regard running noise, but in our location we have to run an airgap through the sink. This makes a tremendous amount of noise as water rushes through the pipe. Other areas I'm told it is fine to loop the hose or some such and you don't have that issue.

We did not find any list of noise levels. Could only go off of info at the stores and try to pick was supposedly was the quietest. Like has already been said, who knows how they are tested as there does not seem to be a fixed test all conform too. Some did not even give specs on sound when we looked.

Just a wondering and sorry if this is a bit of a offshoot, but is it okay to add additional sound deadener, insulation etc. in the cavity or on the machine?

Anyone know if that makes the slightest difference to average run sound or is the noise mostly transmitted through the door? Is there a quieter sink airgap (ours came with the faucet set we purchased, Kohler I think)?


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An airgap is not required in my location.


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I don't think there is any standard method of testing for dishwashers dB ratings -- distance from unit to sound meter, method of installation (is the machine is installed during measurement or free-standing?), run with dishes loaded or not, etc. -- so comparing manufacturer ratings to *other* manufacturers is probably suspect. Comparing *within* a single manufacturer's line is probably valid, assuming all models are tested the same way.

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So it sounds like even if I purchase a dishwasher that is rated quiet by its manufacturer, the particulars of my installation might make it seem louder. Hmmm... Okay - thanks guys. This is all good information. I need to go back and do more research!


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Before we bought our top of the line Bosch dishwasher, we asked around and were advised by people who had one that they were very pleased with it's being really quiet. We too are very pleased. Now I can listen to the radio, talk on the phone, read, do whatever I want in the kitchen when the diswaher is on. The only time the dishwsher pipes up, and just a little bit, is when it's draining. And it does a terrific job washing. If you take just a minute to wipe larger food particles off your dishes with a paper towel, it works just fine, and I haven't had to clean out the drain thing yet.

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We have a Bosch rated at 54db. The thing is whisper quiet. We used to have a Kenmore, and it was very loud. If you never knew this was running, you may not even notice it. Also, I installed it using the narrowist width, to help with the noise. So if you need a reference, 54 db is very quiet.

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Consumers Reports lists noise as a criteria. One Asko model is given the quietest ranking (along with one LG unit). The Asko is unfortunately the most expensive unit (almost 3 times the price of the top rated unit) and has the second worst reliability record. It also has the second longest cycle time. The less expensive Asko is ranked average for noise.

The LG unit is ranked in the bottom third for overall ability, but it is apparently quiet.

Lots of units are given the second highest rating, including the two top-rated units, both from Kenmore.

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CR? Are they rating in Db or in red circles?

I think many manufacturers take their ratings using full machines and during the wash cycle. That way the dishes absorb some of the sound and the water is slippery with detergent so makes less of a hitting sound. Just my idea.

Someone mentioned installation. Other things impacting sound are non carpeted or hardwood floors, lack of furniture in your house to absorb sounds, and the time of day you use your machine.

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I was looking for noise level info too and couldn't find a good list, so I compiled one based on manufacturer's data and a few calls to the companies - hope this helps! http://home.earthlink.net/~stobert.lesley/

Here is a link that might be useful: Lesley's Lists

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Here is a link to a list of all energy star dishwashers put out by the government. It has all kinds of specs above and beyond noise ratings

Here is a link that might be useful: ENERGY STAR Residential Dishwasher Product List

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Hmmm I know your new zdwiel, in fact you signed up today, WELCOME.

You did however respond to a 4 year old thread, alto the list is nice that you posted, I do NOT see any noise (or lack thereof) ratings, (DB or other wise)!!!


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