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fullmetal51May 9, 2006

Hello all,

Recently my landlord visited my apartment to fix something and he noticed that there was an air mattress on the floor of my room, with one of my friends in it. He finished what he had to do and left the apartment.

A little while later, he called my cell phone and asked who that friend was. I said it was just someone who was sleeping over for the night since I had to give him a ride somewhere in the morning. He went on to say that the lease specifically says that no one can live in the apartment besides those who signed the lease. I said that I do have overnight guests from time to time but no one else besides those on the lease that are living there. He persisted that no one should be staying overnight in the house besides anyone that signed and that I was violating the lease.

The lease does say I cannot sublet, etc. the apartment but it also says, "guests are welcome". There is nothing that specifically states that guests cannot sleep over. So my question is, where is the line drawn between living and visiting? I would like to have people stay over, perhaps even for a few days, without worrying about the landlord getting on my case. Also, what action could he take, and what would he need to do to prove that someone was living there?


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I have taken quite a few classes for landlords and even taught a couple. The best way to determine those acutally living and those staying is if they get mail at that address. If they get mail and don't open it that doesn't count.

It's your right to have guests spend the night.

The easiest action for you landlord to take is just not renew your lease and be a total jerk the remainer of your lease.

Leagly he could try to evcit you. If you went to court you obviously would win. It can be a sticky situation. I would say this landlord has issues and perhaps you should start looking for a new place if you plan to keep on having visitors. OR perhaps you LL knows this visitor or has a bad impression on that particular person.

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I wonder if there's a housing agency or housing lawyer who'd help you find documentation to show him.

Depending on his personality, and how you approach it (as an information gatherer and not a point maker), it might cool him down.

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