My "New" Vintage Stove...brand?

VintiquitiesJanuary 24, 2013

Hey all, this is my first time posting to the forums. I have been reading through the vintage stove posts for the last few weeks in preparation for getting my "new" vintage stove. It was delivered yesterday. A gal that lives about an hour from me gave me this stove and I'm ecstatic! Now I've been doing a little research on the web but I haven't found this exact stove and I'm kinda new to the vintage stove crowd.
So can anyone tell me what kind of stove this is? the oven knob says Robertshaw, but there is a red and silver crest emblem on the door with the letters MW that kind of resembles the Wedgewood logo with a wide crown on top. (Montgomery Ward?) So I'm kinda confused. Any thoughts?
Also what kinds of things should I have checked out right off the bat, or rather what kinds of things can I check for myself as far as repair.
I was told that it was working when last used but hasn't been used in many years, in fact has been unhooked and sitting in a tourist lodge as decor. So if anyone experienced out there could give me some starting pointers, on repair, cleaning, what to look out for. I would be grateful for any advice. I really want to use this stove. :)
I kind of kicked around on and a few other sites but they are a little confusing to me and I don't want to spend money on a guide when I'm not even sure what I have yet. :)
I will post a pic of the logo emblem in the next message.

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The crest on the front storage door on left.

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Yep: Montgomery Ward.

She's adorable!

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Fori is not pleased


I think Robert Shaw made thermostats or knobs or something stovey. A parts company. Monkey Wards huh? Are those lightning bolts?

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I believe those are lightening bolts lol. I read somewhere that Montgonery Ward didn't actually make these things that other companies did and MW just slapped their names on the basically. So still trying to figure out just what company did. That way I know what info to look for. But catch 22 right? :) She is in really good shape and quite clean for her age though. I love her simplicity.

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Fori is not pleased

It would sure help finding spare parts if you do figure out who made it.

I want one, but I'm too lazy to put out the small amount of effort needed so I just admire them from afar. Like a Chrysler with fins, it's better to visit one than have to keep it running. :)

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Ha ha! A Chrysler, this may well be my Chrysler but who can foresee the future. :)

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Actually, you should contact the vintage appliance websites and show them your photos. They are the most likely folks to be able to help you both with identifying the year/make and what you should check out to be sure the stove is still safe to use.

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Fori is not pleased

Unlike the Chrysler, once you get that stove freshened up, it'll go forever without much work.

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I agree with 1953 Roper works like a charm, probably good for another 60 years. They were made so much better quality back then, and with so much less to go go wrong (electronics, etc.), there's really no reason a well maintained stove from the 40s or 50s can't have a useful life of 100 years.

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So gorgeous! But I'm in the same boat as Fori - I just don't have the constitution for something that's not "out of the box." Enjoy!

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I found one other stove "like" mine online only it's the double oven design, but everything else is the same, hers is a 1948. I also found out it is a Montgomery Ward stove, it seams as though what I was told about MW wasn't true.
I also have made progress on my stove, took the burners out and washed them clean of grease and grime, fixed the difficult to turn knobs with a little 3-in-1 oil and they now turn like new. The parts inside are so very simple and so very heavy duty I can't believe it. The burners are cast iron and there are no electronics to fail (except for the light which I'm rewiring) The timer is a simple magnetic mechanism which was frozen from all the grime. I removed it and it's knob from the stove doused it in 3-in-1 oil, let it sit over night, screwed it back onto the stove and it now works great! I'm so excited. Now I'm just going to call the gas company to have someone come hook it up for me and test to make sure there are no leaks. I'm really excited! Hope all goes well. :)

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Fori is not pleased

Once installed, photos ARE required!

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