Washing Windows on Upper Floors

irish52May 23, 2006

Has anyone living on a second (or third or higher) floor figured out how to get the windows washed? Our community doesn't offer that as a service, and I've not been successful finding a window washing company willing to come out to do one apartment. My living room window is driving me crazy, and yesterday a bird left a large dropping on it! Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Have you tried the commercial cleaner that you attach to your waterhose.

There are several brands I pulled this one up:


I hope this helps,

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Thanks Jane! I've seen these attachments online, and I've been told that they work very well. Unfortunately, I don't have access to a water hose in my apartment community. That's actually one of the things I miss most living in an apartment - a hose to wash windows (and patio furniture, and mini blinds, etc...)! :-)

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What type of windows do you have? Do they slide? Are they double hung, does the top and bottom move. Do they crank out?
We need some more info to help you?

My windows are double hung thermo pane, they tilt in to clean, its great. Only problem, if the seal breaks you will start to get condensation in between the galss, which cannot be cleaned, only replaced, I know, one of my windows does that in the winter.

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You can buy at any hardware store converters that will make it possible to hook your waterhose to your kitchen sink. They are very cheap $2-$3. Just make sure you don't pull to hard or you might damage your water faucet...don't ask how I know that, blame it on my husband!

I hope this helps,


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Thanks everyone! Sorry for the lack of info in my first post. The window is a single hung window - the bottom window can be opened by lifting it up (but it doesn't tilt for washing). The top window doesn't move. I am on the third floor and although I have a balcony, it is on the opposite side of the apartment, so I can't use it to access this window.

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