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vegthiefJanuary 11, 2010

I've deciced on putting a drop ceiling in the basement rather than drywall as I may need to access the plumbing etc.I have never hung one and was wondering If its as easy as they say.(the how to sites).I am an experienced carpenter and If anyone has any tips I would surely appeciate them.The ceiling is 21'x 30.5.I am using 2'tiles and I have pleanty of headroom after it is susspended.Has any one installed a ceiling this size and about how long will it take to hang the grid.there is nothing in my way.

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I installed one last year in my basement. This was my first attempt at this.I also used 2' tiles.The salespeople at the store I puchased from were very heplful. I also found some online tutorials. My ceiling is about 20 x 25. It took me about 4 days. Most time comsuming part was trimming the edge of the tile that runs along the wall. Not only do you have to cut to size but also put a recessed edge on it so it seats properly in the grid. I used a lazer level to install the perimeter grid. NIce thing at the placed I bought from was you give em your ceiling size they feed it into the computor. And it gave me a diagram of the grid layout and how much and what size grid I needed. This was a good reference during the installation. Overall it was'nt as hard as I though it would be and it looks great.

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