Loud neigbors

needmysleepMay 14, 2006

My neigbors play loud music with the bass turned all the way up every weekend. I have tried everything. Talking to my neigbors, calling the police, talking to the landlord. Nothing has worked. The police won't do anything because the noise ordinance says they have to hear the noise from 50ft. I lived directly upstairs from them and the bass shakes my floors and windows and night, and once my printer fell from the shelf it was at on my desk and broke. I am at my wits end and I can't continue to go without sleep. It is affecting me at work. My landlord has no spine whatsoever, so I was thinking of telling him that if I have to pay for a hotel room everytime I need to get sleep for work the next day, that I will just deduct it from his rent. I don't know if that will work, or if there are legal ways to make it work. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

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Move. Obviously if you have tried everything and the landlord doesn't do anything this is your best option. I would write the landlord a letter that you are giving your notice and why. I wouldn't put it in writing but I would mention to the landlord that potential tenants asking about the apartment would be notified of the noise problem that still isn't fixed.

Good luck! Have you politely asked them to turn it down? Knock on their door when its loud and ask them to come up so they can see what its like in your unit.

As far as the law, every state has extreamly different laws for this type of problem. Most states have free landlord/ tenant advice. Look them up and ask for suggestions.

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If the police can't hear the music from 50 feet away, I seriously doubt anything was shaking or falling.

Did the police come in your apartment and hear it, and see things shaking? If it was so loud, 50 foot rule or not, they have to write a report about the call. Get a copy of the police report or reports and present them to your landlord.

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Have you looked at your lease to see what the policy is on noise? (My lease contains clauses about excessive noise being prohibited and that tenants are entitled to the quiet enjoyment of their apartment.) If there is such a clause, I would put your complaint in writing to the landlord and include a copy of the lease with the pertinent portion highlighted. I would keep the letter on a polite, but assertive level. I had to do this myself in dealing with a loud neighbor who is now being evicted. Good luck!

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good to hear some people have been successful in their struggle against these animals.

in a perfect world, needmysleep, you'd be within your rights to line those a-holes against a wall and greet them with a lead enema, alas, we don't live in that world.

i have the same issue with my neighbors and talking to them has helped a little, at least during the week they're relatively quiet. but then they always have the option of going back on their promises, so effectively it's the quiet ones that are always at the mercy of loud maniacs.

a permanents solution? genetic engineering maybe?

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