Speed cooking ovens--Smeg?

wallycatJanuary 17, 2013

I happened to go to AJMadison site to compare all the speed cookers, which I assumed to be 3. Lo and behold, there was a 4th....(if you classify profile and monogram as 1 ).
Has anyone heard of this one? Tried it?
Please share if you have.

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first I've heard of it.

A 12-5/8" turntable is smaller than I'd expect for a built-in appliance that is over 20" deep and fits into a full-depth floor or wall cabinet.

It can be mounted underneath a countertop, unlike the GE Advantium 240, and like the Miele needs only 24" or 60cm of width.

I think the 3 you were referring to were GE (Profile/Monogram), Electrolux, and Miele. There's at least one other, used on the various Whirlpool-owned brands (Kitchenaid, Jenn-Air, etc.) that have 240v speed ovens usually as the top part of double ovens, but sometimes on their own. (I assume you're not counting anything that runs on 120V/15A as a real speed oven)

Here is a link that might be useful: Smeg SU4MCX high speed oven

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Fori is not pleased

It is so cute!

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I am trying to convince DH we "need" a speed oven. We probably don't, but everyone is raving about them and thought I should at least start looking.
It IS cute!! But also 1.2 oven capacity, versus some as large as 1.6 or 1.7. It does broil. I think only the electrolux did not broil, if the compare feature worked accurately.

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I'm not sure how well the advantium broils.
I never recall seeing a post about it, maybe someone
will chime in now?

They save a lotta time and energy, wallycat, I sure like my baked taters done in 14 minutes instead of an hour.


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I'm a low carb gal, but my tactic was to explain to DH how quickly a whole chicken can cook!!

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Fori is not pleased

Do report back if you find anything. It has...KNOBS!!! So cute. If it actually cooks and stuff too, that would make it a serious candidate.

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I have a 10-year old Whirlpool G2 Microven sold to me as a cheaper alternative to the Advantium. Mine is 120V OTR. I use it all the time, with and without microwaves. I have grilled/broiled a lot, roasted meats and poultry and baked. It is not great at baking but I've come to like that unique texture. (look, a brownie in a minute? you have to make some sacrifices once in a while.) I am now moving and redoing the new kitchen. I wish I could find a version of this oven that could go on a shelf or under a cabinet but not OTR since I'm doing an induction cooktop and need a real hood. I may actually install a 120V OTR Advantium - but not over the range. My cabinet installer says she can figure out a way to make it look more built-in. (I don't have room for a 220 wall-installation). But i will take a look at the other models you mention, too. Hadn't gotten very far in my search. By the way, I am also getting a steam oven (either Thermador or Wolf) but still want the speed cook oven. We have developed a number of recipes that have become standards and my husband couldn't live without his quinoa-on-automatic in 15 minutes. Not sure how the steam oven would handle these tasks.

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The Advantium 120 30" wide wall oven (not the OTR version) can be installed directly underneath a countertop, built into the cabinetry. You'll like the extra depth inside since it's designed to fit into a 24" deep cabinet rather than between 12" deep wall cabinets.

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I'm a little nervous about putting a wall oven below the countertop because I will have to bend down just to see the controls. This is especially hard with the microwave because I use it quite a lot. I also read here that the Advantium 120 is nothing special - not like the 220. Is this true? If i can only use the 120 am i better off with a different speed cook oven altogether? Thanks.

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"My cabinet installer says she can figure out a way to make it look more built-in"

ellessebee- take a look at Microtrim.com (no affiliation). They do precisely this.

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WOW! This looks like the perfect solution! Thanks so much.

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Just wondering if there'a any more information about speed cook ovens. My electrician needs to know what to wire for. I can't find anything but the Advantium that broils. Can anyone suggest anything else - combination microwave, convection, broil speed cook kind of thing? By the way, maybe a moot point by this time, but 25 years ago I had a combination convection/microwave wall oven. I don't actually recall the brand but was some major oven mfg. It was a full-size wall oven. Was a decent oven but an awful microwave. I called for service several times, convinced that there was something defective because it took 2 minutes to heat a hot dog (their benchmark). Each time the service tech came he asked for a hot dog and heated it. Ate it and deemed it perfect. Nothing wrong with the oven! I finally gave up on using it as a microwave and bought one for over the range. Kept the wall oven for baking and heated my kids' hot dogs in 30 seconds in the regular microwave. The problem, it turns out, is that the larger oven cavity was too large and the microwaves were just bouncing around in it without hitting the food (at least that's what i was later told). The tech had lunch on me a few times and my husband and I still laugh about it.

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The Smeg can broil (see owner's manual). You won't find the word "broil" anywhere in the user guide, but that's because the British/European word for what Americans call "broiling" is "grilling" and although that's indeed the manual for the US-market speed oven, they didn't translate it into American English. (kind of like how I wondered why the Gaggenau oven that for access was called a "lift oven", until I remembered an elevator is a "lift" in Europe). Read the instruction guide (pages 13-16) and you'll see the grilling a.k.a. broiling element can be used by itself, with the convection oven, or with the microwave.

The Jenn-Air speed oven has a broil element, but it appears it can only be used in conjunction with the microwave. I thought the Miele did too, sure looks like it IRL, but I'm not familiar using these.

The Advantium 120 works as well as the 240v version as a convection oven, and almost as fast as a microwave, but takes twice as long and doesn't work as well since it relies more on microwaves in the speedcook mode, so you don't get quite the crispiness you do with the 240v. The Advantium 240 runs on twice the amperage as well as twice the voltage (30A vs. 15A), and since watts = amps x volts, the A240 has access to four times the wattage compared to the A120, and most of it is used for the additional halogen lamps that are utilized for speedcooking.

The Smeg runs off 240V/30A, same as the Advantium 240.

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The Miele has an infrared broiling system too.

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So does anyone have the Smeg speed cook oven?
AJMadison is offering a free cooktop with purchase of the Smeg speed oven! Tempting...

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Does anyone have/used a SMEG Wall Oven. It' one of the few with the optional Rotisserie kit since Miele has stopped offering it for their 27" oven.

Interested in any information.

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