What to do if owner doesnt clean apartment before moving in?

sontyagMay 11, 2009


I live in Jersey. I had a look at apartment around 15 days before I moved in and it was absolutely not cleaned. Owner promised me she will clean it before handover. So I signed a one year lease and made the necessary payments. But when I moved in with my luggage it was just cleaned. Floor was dirty (infact its very old), apartment had roaches, closets were absolutely dirty. Still floor (wooden) has dark spots on several places. Now its almost 6 months I am living with that. I keep everything clean as much as possible. Infact I spend $300 when I moved in. But because of old and rashes on floor, it never looks clean.

I kept complaining my owner. I pay my rent on time (Infact I have to mail her on time). How to deal this situation? I am new in this country, is there anything like consumer rights? I am really frustated by owner, I told I would like to vacate but she says you went get your security back.

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You have lived there 6 months and are complaining now?

#1 rule, in any country, do not sign a lease until you see the place cleaned/repaired to your standards.

Yes there are consumer rights but you have lived there for 6 months already. How is anyone to suppose to tell if the floor was dirty before you moved in?

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Yes, You are right gammyt. But I have been complaining from day 1. Also, when I had a look earlier tents were there. And owner promised me to clean as per US standards.

When I came with my luggage I had no alternative than move in because by that time I already left my hotel. Infact with second month rent, I had given her list of issues in written and I have copy of it.

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I've moved into some dirty apartments so I feel for you. It's great that you have a copy of the list you gave her. Is it dated? You could maybe suggest that you're going to speak to a lawyer about the list you provided and see if that scares the owner into doing something. Or at least you won't have to clean when you move out. You can show the list and prove that you left it in the same condition that you received it.

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